Monday, December 29, 2008


hehehehehehehe and I have pictures.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twas the day of Christmas

and all through the house everyone was stirring even the mouse, wait we don't have a mouse. Happy Christmas Amoeba.

And I have a computer once again. But Christmas this year has not been to much fun. I love opening gifts and spending time with family but when your really sick it's not a joyful. It all started with me having a cold, then my brother has the stomach bug Christmas eve. And then I got it shortly after him and started throwing up. And now I feel crappy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

AHHH! Package of Awesome!!!!

It has arriveth!

It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Imagine me doing a long session of squeeling and hysterical giggling here]

I honestly don't know how to tell you adequatly how excited I am over the package. The movie is amazing - it made me laugh so hard that I fell off my sofa. Gibson loved it, too. I fed him some of the peeps today and I think the concentration of sugariness paralyzed his nerval system a little - I taped it for you, so you can judge for youselves. Also, there will be a wall of Slytherins/Twilight/Doctor Who/Nerdfighter - Americanness in my BS room, which I'm planning out at this very moment. Lauren, Kaity, who do each of you want your Slytherin-selves to happy-dance with? John or Hank? I'm kinda tending towards a Lauren-Hank/ Kaity-John match, but I'm not sure.
Also, Beth, when gibson was being a little depressed today, I used the spray-string on him and it totally cheered him up. I'm always gonna keep it ready-to-go now when I'm with gibson. Please tell everyone in Benche Ct lots of thanks from me. The Sneathen-package has been sent like 2 weeks ago - but by mistake! It is incomplete, with no letter or explanation or anything, which will follow tomorrow (It is a little complicated to coordinate those type of things whith my parents, since we dont see each other on weekdays). The Amoeba package will go out as soon as I find a container for it.

Thanks Thanks Thanks so so so much much much to all of you


PS: I'm working on the coming home thing

Monday, December 15, 2008

Scum Bunny

hehe. I was a scum bunny today. It's a name Kolin(my little Brother) made up for me when I don't shower in the morning. Of course I got a shower the night before but that didn't stop me from being a scum bunny.

Okay well I am freaking out here. My mom had to go to the hospital. It might be her kidney stones again or something else but I don't know and I can't get hold of anyone and Mary Pat (her friend) just called and she is worried too and I am worried and home alone with Kolin who is sleeping. I am so worried I did my homework. Get that I did homework. I NEVER do homework at home. NEVER.

UPDATE. She is home with a kidney infection.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The most embarassing 30 minutes of my life

Let me tell you an episode from the Greta Tragedy that most people refer to as my life. It is inapropriately long, as usual

First, I gotta give you some background information:
There is this big German highschool custom that evrery normal person knows all about, which of course means that I had no clue till this schoolyear. Remember I told you we didnt have a prom? Well, I lied. We do have one, I just never noticed it cause only seniors and their families go there, because the highschool i used to go to consisted of 7 grades and my contact to seniors ( = 13th graders) was completely nonexistant and because it just generally isnt such a big deal. The graduation ball is a lot more formal than prom though: No cha cha slides - you gotta do some serious waltzing here. In order to do that, you have to take dancing lessons. In a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, you obviously cant go to a dancing school - instead, a teacher comes and gives lessons to the poeple at bs. Since everything here is about ten times more formal and traditional and puffy than in the Real World, the dancing class that is given each year always ends with its own ball for all the participants. An extremely FORMAL ball. With parents and dresses and hairstylists and lots of waltzing. In order to go to my graduation ball I first have to master dancing school and its ball. And - this is were it gets critical- in order to take the dancing class, I have to have a partner. A MALE partner. Do you see what I am getting to?

It was very clear to me, who I would ask to be my parner. I only know one single guy here, for cryig out loud. And I wasnt even doubting he would say yes. So I asked The Guy last week (it's not a big deal, since it isnt a date or anything) - and from that moment on, I have been in total despair. Remember in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry ask Cho to the Yule Ball? Well, it was a lot like that, except that I fortunately didnt lose my spaeking-abilty as much. He seemed genuinely sorry for already having said yes to anothe girl, which comforted me a little. But not for long. The great question was: Who would be my partner??

It was amazing to observe, how many poeple took extremely vivid interest in the matter. My roomate made a List ( the capital L is totally justified - you should have seen it!), sorted by priority and consisting mostly of people I had never talked to. Also, everybody seemed to have a different idea of who should be my partner. It would have been a very interesting process, hadnt it concerned ME.
So yesterday, my roommate told me that a sophomore had asked her to write an english essay for her andsince I'm the usual person people come to with their english hw, she transferred it to me. With the plan to use the poor sophomore's gratitude to make him go with me! I was arguing against it as much as I could. Writing one single essay against the service of dancing with for months and months sure wasnt a good deal for him. Plus it would kind of be like prostituting him, wouldnt it? And he was way too handsome. But she and The Guy decided that I had no say whatsoever on the matter and so it happened. This afternoon. During cake-break. Ther really wasnt anything I could do.
We were sitting in the cafeteria, everybody was teasing me and I was hiding my red face behind my Hebrew-folder, when he came in. They saw him. They grabbed me. We walked towards the cloister. He was standing right in front of me - and I made a 180 degree turn, returing to the safe haven of my table as fast as possible. Big mistake, as it turned out. Because two of my friedns went in my place. I wasnt there when it happened, but here is the conversation as told to me:

My friend: Hi Rustam!
Rustam: I dont know your name
Mf: oh, you dont need to. My friend wants to ask you to do the dancing school with her, but she is really shy.
(long explications of the when and how)
Rustam: Oh great! I'd love to!

(Notice, he had no idea who they were talking about at that point)

They called on me eventually, forcing me to face my new won partner. He was really really nice and warm-ish and great, but I burst out in long apologies (which I think he didnt quite undrstand) for asking him anyway. When I returned to the table, I started choking on my pudding and broke down on my seat, while my lovely friends were enjoing themselves very much.

It was a lot more embarassing than it may sound here. It was the WORST. and i have 11 years of PE to look back to, so that is saying something. I have to aknowledge though, that the guy is totally awesome. He started in bs this year too, like me, he's 18, comes from Azerbaijan, has a pretty cool accent and seems extremely friendly. And i suppose he's very goodlooking to, which was my friends' major criteria but is in my point rather disadvantagous. Anyway. He's great. He's my date for this years ball.

Love, soph

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i finally got that joke today...and was trying really hard not to crack up laughing in biology...luckily it was towards the end of class, cuz as soon as the bell rang i lost it. mr mckinley just rolled his eyes at me, but my friends thought i was going crazy or something... or maybe they thought i had a concussion or something, i was very ditzy today after my little "trip"...
my bday has been very musical. first the TSO concert, which was amazing, then i got a book of guitar music and 2 cds. including george's, which is completely made of awesome. im fairly sure u got all my fav songs ever on there ;-). its very happy-making.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

David Tennant

Yesterday I watched Harry Potter 4 and oh my god! David Tennant plays Barty Crouch!! That is so awesome! Barty happens to be one of my favorite characters in the fourth book and though the movies generally suck, they are still related to HP and therefore sparkling with awesome, as is anybody who takes part in it. What I'm saying is this: I am an official David Tennant Fan now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you guys remember...

how last year we said that this year school would be like a nonstop party?

Today it actually felt like that.