Wednesday, July 30, 2008

200th POST

hahahaha...its the 200th post! Oh, and I found the new harry potter movie trailer...

Well today was...well-rounded

i spent most of it with a turkish coworker, mostly shopping...then went to yoga...then to guitar practice...i have not been home much lately...only just now getting some free time...i miss u guys. u gotta post on here more often...ive got 2 in a row...

Monday, July 28, 2008


hey guys...I just wrote an email to army of freshmen. hoping they write back...well, i wrote to chris, but told him to say hi to the rest "especially Kai and Owen from me and my friends." haha...generally praised them and all...if any of u wanna, they have their personal emails and even AIMs on their website ( how obvious can you get?)
anyway...I too am psyched for friday!! really can't wait. and i actually get to see u guys!! i miss u all so much...well, we'll be seeing each other soon enough, right? feel free to call anytime, any of u! well, if it's 2 am or something i probably won't answer, but I'll try to get back to u ASAP...

I'm a Crazy Fangirl!

But you (hopefully) love me anyway!!!

*fangirl scream*

Guess what!!! I'm buying The Rocker soundtrack when we go to Borders on Friday!!! When I discovered the soundtrack was already out (which made my whole week pretty much), I started hopping up and down squealing... you know what that looks like ;-D

The CD has 9 Teddy Geiger songs on it and 3 other random songs from the movie.
Teddy Geiger!!!
;-D ;-D ;-D

Ok, I'm done now...

Not quite!!!

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


;-D George

Update ( =random stuff )

Just to complete the series: I went to see Mamma Mia! My mom asked me out of nowhere on Friday and I was like : OMG, we actually ARE related. It was great. but also a little sad, thinking how much fun it would have been to watch it with you.
Going with gibson to see obama was awesome - I put the video up on my channel.
I introduced him (gibson, not obama) to brotherhood 2.0 with Hank's Harry Potter songs. He liked it! So now he's officially a Nit. I've been working a lot on french lately - which is strange. i start speaking french at random situations. I dont even like french.
Also, i'm now the official caretaker of the evil-bunny-brigade for the rest of the summer. Which means I need to eat a lot of vegetables, in order to have enough leftovers for them. i'm not entirely sure if that makes any sense. The Catcher in the Rye is really awesome, by the way. If anybody gets the chance, you should definitely read it. Although I'm not sure, if any of you will like it too much... but it's not a book that you need to like in order to like it.
Love, Soph

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have a ABBA problem

I need help. It's all I have had in my head. ABBA and wizard rock. It's not bad but I just think I need help. I am super tired after car cleaning today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here I go again, my my....

Mamma Mia is like the best movie in the world! It was perfect. I loved it. ABBA makes me happy and want to dance around singing. Spandex is the weirdest thing in the world but I have a urge to go out and buy some. Best musical by far.

Mamma Mia!

It is amazing. It makes me want to dress in spandex and sing ABBA songs. But I wanted to do that anyway....
Not only is Mamma Mia full of head exploding ABBA awesome-ness, but it also has a trio of hot old guys, a tattooed butt, exploding dolphin mosiacs, and random background singers that pop up out of nowhere. Occasionally in flippers.

well, i have finally gotten off my lazy bum (figuratively, im still sitting on it because im at the computer) and decided to write the post that i was going to monday afternoon. oh yes and yesterday sucked because i just waited for stuff to happen instead of trying to make things happen. i keep forgetting summer works differently than th school year.
back to the topic.
Ok After having watched the most recent batman movie, i must say that it was amazing, and you should go see it, whoever of you reads this.

ok reason number 0: the plot. well technically i cant tell you about the amazing plot i dont want to ruin the fun. so sorry.

reason 1: The joker. Im sorry but heath ledger did an amazing job conveying a genius who sees the world differently than the rest of us. Ok you know how johnny depp invented his own, inventory of mannerisms and odd actions for his role in pirates (his floppy wristed gestures, odd way of walking, frequent side glances, etc.), well ledger did just as good, but hes portraying a far more twisted character, so that makes the movie all the more startling because of the realisticy-ness of the joker.

reason 2: Everyone else. Absolutely every actor did an amazing job specifically the old dude who played alfred the butler person. sorry not as familiar with the actor so i cant give a name and im too lazy to look it up. but regardless, he did a great job. that character was quite often funny. very cool.

reason 3: the implications. Similar to wall-e, this movie has some startling implications, but you have to dig deeper to see them. Essentially the underlying theme of the movie is 'what is the nature, of human nature?' its an exploration of human nature in its realities, diversity, and the question; are we all intrinsically good or evil or neither? sorry i notice this stuff and sorry that sounded cliche buuut its true.

so go see it or rent or buy it when it comes out.
il see you guys soon i hope,



I'am totally and undeniably obesessed with the vlogbrothers. It's actually kind of sad, but then again, I'm sure you are the only people in the universe, who can understand. I made a (still virtual) cd with Hank's songs (you can download them in My Pants) and I'm going to run to the library today as soon as my mom comes home with her public transportation card, so I can get The Catcher In The Rye. I think it would be really cool, if a couple of us would read it. Lauren and Kaiti will probably have to read it this year for school anyway, so you might as well do it now. Also, i noticed that there were A LOT of German people who commented on the video today, which made John really excited. He wrote that people who read Catcher in The Rye in German are made of aweseome, which made ME really excited. Told you I was obsessed. Oh, he references Edward in today's video - again. In a not positive but not really negative way.

I will make a new video tomorrow, because gibson and I are going to the speech that Obama will give here. I'm very excited for that. Oh, and before you roll your eyes at me: It was Gibson who suggested it =)

French Class is starting to be really fun, but my head is beginning to be such a mess, that Babel looks like a little shack in comparison. Beth, the weird-words-story is progressing, but it's getting kind of creepy... although it started out as a comedy... sorry. I'm going to look for Fix now. If i can't find him before the maid starts vacuumcleaning, a disaster is bound to happen. And it will involve extremely dangerous biological weapons in the form of pee...
Love, Sophie

Monday, July 21, 2008

One Year

*tear* Since we put our books up on the shelves and cried that it was over. Since we sat up all night and read our hearts out. One year since we locked ourselves in our rooms and refused to come out until you finished. One year. It's gone by so fast. Harry Potter we miss you. It does not feel like a year.

In honor of one year. I will be re reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (typed in Deathly Hallows orange)

videos and blogs

I have decided to lift my blog's imaginary curtain. I don't expect anybody to actually read it, though. I mean, that would be great, but I dont think the stuff there would interest you so much... You can get to it by clicking on my name at the bottom of this page or you can go over the adress:

As you might remember, I ran around with a videocamera a couple of times in the past months. I've started digitalizing the tapes and ... today i tailored the first Amoeba video out of it and uploaded it on our channel! Check it out! Either on our channel , or right below this post.

I've also (rather accidentaly) started on working today on a very secret nerdfighter project, that I've been planning to do for a while and which will be subject of at least one video. It will be made of awesome, in a totally altruistic way.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Guess what I found in my basement!

I had a Nerdfighter-ish discovery when we were cleaning my basement today.
My mom was going through our old books and she holds up Pooh Gets Stuck!
from the other end of the basement I yelled, "Keep that!"
my mom gave me the weirdest look, but handed the book to me.

for those of you who don't know, Pooh Gets Stuck is one of the most awesome titles with the "in my pants" rule.

Pooh Gets Stuck... IN MY PANTS!!! Yay!


I command you to read my personal blog! Only becasue I love you and it's amazing. Please.

Everybody else should too if you like. But Sophie must! Only because I can't call her and tell her all the stupid things I do. Like getting run over. And i post on there almost every day unlike I do here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tooooo Much Wooooooork....... becoming so lonely that i've named all the vacuums at the condos i clean with Ma. After Twlight characters, of course. it all started when i saw the huge bulky monstrous yellow dyson that reminded me of something off an alien space ship. i decided it was the Emmett of all vacuums. then i was trying to reach a spot but the cord on Emmett didnt reach, n i started thinking how the cord was like Rosalie- skinny, kinky, controlling of Emmett and without each other they would probably be useless.
So after i had these names established, i was using 2 vacuums in another condo. one was clumsy, difficult and broke easily. Bella, of course. the one i had to use when it broke was small, dainty and efficient. Alice. There's still one I haven't decided yet...
And just so u know, this isnt pure obsessiveness. Its pure boredom.

I build a bear

That's right. His name is Emmett and he is adorable and huggable. If anybody needs a hug he is here. =]

Sophie I love your videos and I want to post videos myself so I have to get a camera some how. Mission for Kaiti.

random band stuff that aint really important

ok why does my radio station always play house of wolves by mcr? i mean i love the song but it gets repetetive. ah whatever.
anyhoo, news from the band that you may or may not care about, we will be actually recording some stuff this week and sticking it up on myspace. We are working to (gasp) play stuff that sounds good instead of brandon trying to just do complex/heavy stuff. anyhoo
the songs in the works are a cover of 'push' by matchbox 20, 'Angel' the first song with the music written by me, dedicated to madison, of course. And 'close' the first song co-written by ryan. That one is dedicated to Tozer.
oh yeah we have a dillemma, should we have meghan mehan, whos a reeeaaly emotional sounding amazing singer, but shes picky abourt what she sings, or madison who has a very sweet voice and would sing along to a buzzsaw but isnt as skilled. rrrrrrrr decisions.
anyway sorry for bugging you guys just figured id spew some things that had been bothering me.

peace y'all

stuffy stuff

I made a new video!! Weeee! I have to work on making them shorter, though. This one is nearly as long as the last one. Hope you guys can endure that. It starts on a demonstration I went to today against a local group of nazis. (Yes Lauren, I took your picture with me and growled at them for you.) It was very cool. Not just the fact that I was doing something morally awesome, which I haven't been able to do in a year, but I also met a lot of old friends and that was really great. Because I haven't been having a very active social life lately. To be honest, I kind of feel like an island. Yay for islands, i love the ocean!

Lauren, I commented on every single one of your posts, expect for the ones that already had comments. Your invisible glowing in the dark readers are gonna think I'm stalking you. Also, i'm proud to announce that the works on my blog are progresssing (Which, if u start from zero, is not hard to achieve). Sometime soon I will officially open it. So that in the unlikely case that u want to hear me rambling on about stupid stuff that I consider unworthy of this blog, you have a place to go.

Joe, I'll leave the house tomorrow at 7 - 7:30 pm my time and 1 - 1:30pm yours. But I'll probably be home all day before that, cause I'm a couchpotatoe like that. Just in case you still want to call me.

I digitalized old tapes of us today. It was very funny... and a little sad. I'll try to load some of the stuff up some time. And maybe make a collage, if I feel really artsy and find the time

Something of great historical importance has happened while I wrote this post. The Amoeba has an official youtube channel! It's right here. To get the password, just contact either George, Lauren or me privately. I will try to upload some of the stuff I just mentioned there. Tomorrow, probably.

There's a Jason Mraz concert!! On a thursday , the 2nd of october! i was going to die out of dissapointment, because Jason Mraz may very well be my favorite pop-artist (if you dont count the beatles as pop. which you probably should. but then Jason Mraz wouldnt be my #1 anymore. so don't). But on the typical thursday in october, I'll be in boarding school. Then I realized: The 3rd of Otober is national holiday, so I'll probably get home thursday afternoon! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! This is one of those few occasions where i just love my country. George, without you i would have never known Jason! You probably put it on my playlist cause u thought i might like it... and I LOOVE it. and you. Thanks so much!!

Congratulations, you got to the end of my way-too-long-chain post. As reward you get a video! Enjoy. (And YES, the first part is sideways.) (For those of you with weak stomachs: The video includes scenes of me shoving thing that may or may not be eatable in my mouth. So beware) And NOW you get to enjoy. If you can call it that.

oh god. I do not know, why there are THREE of these. Sorry. Can't change it


So i was thinking today, we all can't see each other cuzz were too busy making $$ at our summer jobs. whats the point of making all that $$ if u never get the chance to spend it? ;-)
so i am proposing (for the girls, joe isnt really expected to get excited about this) a mall run, up to the Hamilton Mall or Shore Mall or one of those. It's been a while, and i for one still need to replenish my wardrobe for when I start at Tech. I'm sure none of u would mind coming along ;-). days off are wednesday, thursday, and friday usually. My mom has off work thursday and possibly friday, i believe, so shes willing to drive 4 of us one of those days, preferably thursday. if any of u can/ want to come...
pls tell me ur schedules 4 work, if u have a steady one, itll make planning attempts so much easier :-(.

Friday, July 18, 2008

stuff per usual

well the blog has certainly changed a bit.  now granted i like purple and black alot, but its a bit femaley-ish.  buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut no problem.  anyway, i have seen you guys like once since ive been back and ive been back like, for three weeks.  thats depresing. oh wait i saw beth and lauren oh never mind. i mean everyone, like andi and kaity d.  oh yeh george let me know when you can do the boat i could (if you so desire) invite jordan along too.  anyone who hasnt gone yet message me.

ok i know ive mentioned this to madison, but does this song scarilly seem twilight-ish.  i mean i know a post-hardcore/alternative band like afi probably wouldnt draw on a few novels written by a morman lady that teenage girls get obsessed with as a literary inspiration, but still the similarities are startling.
anyhoo, if ive said this before ignore me, but if i havnt check out the link

talk to you guys later,
peace out,

Why didn't i think of this before???

We do have access to a video camera!!! I can just borrow my brother's! All i have to do is buy my own memory card.
Sophie, we can make videos for you.
everyone else, let me know if you want to make a video sometime!

Funny Looks

I have been managing to gets those strange, what-the-heck-are-you-cuz-its-definitely-not-normal looks frequently....

1) Shopping at the boardwalk and my friend got a ring stuck on her finger. Anyone whos gone jewelry shopping with me knows I have some experience in this subject. I asked the foreign teenage boys behind the counter for windex, because it would help make her finger slippery and get the ring off. They thought I was going OCD. Tho I think they were very impressed when it actually worked ;-).

2) My cousin's IN-CRED-I-BLY cute "friend" Mike, who my mother introduced to me while I was chowing down on a turkey leg. I'm sorta hoping he likes girls who like meat...and isnt my cousin's sometimes-bf i've heard about...and will be there again today...tho all those things are probably very unlikely.

well, that's all i have to say for now. and to those (nonexistant) outsider readers, I am not insane so much that i should be locked up. I promise. No matter what Kathleen says.

More Videos!

WATCH IT!! It's the same trailer they used for that clip on ET, but this is complete and u hear the actors (*sigh*) insted of some random anchorman. It's awesome. I nearly fainted.

I'm glad you liked my randomly videotaped outburst of dorkiness. I'm gonna make updates very soon, I just haven't decided on topics yet... It's either german junkfood or some major fix-bothering... Also it would be really amazing if people who have some kind of camera could make videos, too. A photocamera works just fine for youtube. Just so we could, you know, keep track , get to know different sides of each other... it would be fun. Just putting that out there.

kaiti!! Survivalpackage weeeeeeeeee!! but you know that shipping stuff is pretty expensive, right? Don't go broke because of some weird german girl... And congratulations to your winning Breaking Dawn! I can cope. It actually makes me feel pretty special - I'm the only one who'll get to wait. I mean, when you are already long done with the book and have to put up with everyday life and not-as-good-as-Stephenie-Meyer books, I'll still be totally caught up in the awesomeness of Breaking Dawn!! Yay!

öü! ßßßßßßß߀! ÄÄÄ,



I made pasta with a friend! We didn't know where to put it, so we hang it on a laundry-hanging-thing.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sophie don't kill me....

But I will have Breaking Dawn on the 2ed.

And I won Justin's find the page thing.


Get rid of the stinking poll lauren!!! it's from months ago!!!
I know you just want ppl to vote for kool aid but let's just face it, the oranges won!!!


Just kidding. But seriously, we need a new poll.

More fun library stuff...

1.) The writing workshop for next week is going to be on monday, same time (6:00). We're going to be working on putting together ideas and starts for the pieces we're all working on or beginning. Come!!!

2.) Yoga. Starting the 30th at 3:45. Madison, Lauren, Kaiti, and I are all signed up. People should sign up. if not for a love of yoga, then to watch me make a complete fool of myself!

3.) There is an awesome contest on the library teen blog where you can win a free copy of Breaking Dawn! Omg! ;-) Check it out... if someone else doesn't get to it first...

4.) I just want to thank those wonderful ppl who came to visit me in the library. (or maybe you just went to the library and happened to know i was there... either way... it makes me feel special so don't ruin it.)

P.S. I can write in yellow on this new background! Yay! ;-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a day....

So my day today started at 4am. i got 5 hours of sleep last night, before waking up and realizing it was hard enough trying to fall asleep the first time, and I shouldn't bother yet again. So i wrote for my class, because for some reason i tend to think im oh-so-eloquent at dawn. reread what i wrote, it's rather crappy, but at least it's a start. then all day i "baby-sat" a 20 year old who speaks very little english. we went to the water park. more fun with americans, Pinar was absolutely uninterested in any white boys. not that I like only white boys, but i prefer ones that speak english (as opposed to Turkish, of which I can say 3 words- hello, which is marhabar, thanks, which is sounds like sow, and twilight or darkish, which is alucakaranlik, i think). the overly helpful maybe puerto rican boy was at the $10 store again, but i blew him off and he only asked if he could help me 2 or 3 times. i wanted 2 buy a shirt, but it was 2 small. then i got home, went 2 guitar lesson which was mostly taken up by my teacher talking to a rather macabre french exchange student on the phone. i talked 2 my teacher about the AOF concert, and she said she'll give me a free large T-shirt, design of my choice :-D.
and i now should go to my class (online) since it is the first live session starting in 7 minutes...
wish i could share my hectic life with u guys more :-(. online interactions leave so much out...
o, btw, anyone have a say about the BD quote of the day? bachelor party...argh...
and lauren, LOVE the new layout!! its prettyful. shocked me when i first logged on, had to re-orient myself, haha
see yall sometime...


First post on the new (awesome) background! YaY!

I made a little video for you guys... erm. It's nothing great, but if you wanna see where I live and if you have 6 minutes to spare... here it is (in two parts). Youtube kind of messed up the quality.


This isnt the full trailer, but that doesnt come out until tomorrow. So here's the one that was on ET for the first time ever! And its brand new and also heart attack inducing. Beware

Monday, July 14, 2008


I feel really bad about not seeing u guys like, at all this summer. between work and other crap going on...we should all get together sometime :-(. sorry I had to leave so quick at kaiti's thing to look forward to with school looming ahead, is seeing u all again, at least for the bus ride and lunch. right? well...ill talk to u later...:-(. email me sometime! sometimes I feel closer to my penpals than to my friends that live down the street :-(....

Sunday, July 13, 2008


At the end of some songs on the Parselmouths cd you can hear Kristina giggling. It's kind of funny. Or you hear her said hello to somebody. My mom has been burning copies for those who are worthy. I will be checking the mail everyday until I get my shirts and Lauren's cds. The moaning myrtles and her solo cd.

I have been reading the magazine over and over again. And Robert just keeps getting hotter. Lauren can we share him? Please. I like the idea of locking us in a padded room with the books and the movie. just I NEED Harry Potter in there.

I think I am going to go with the idea Keri said about writing a story about the boy out there that loves Harry Potter as much as I do.

Writing Issues!!!!!!

So originally my story involved a girl killing her bf. and her sister saw it. then it was HIS sister that saw it. then it was his father that killed him. then he ran away, instead of getting killed, and the sister saw. now im making it the sister run away was supposed to be called "the window." having issues with the "window" part. but i think ive got it worked out, now...
just felt like ranting.

Any Suggestions???

People! Help!
I want to create my own blog because sometimes everything I want to say just does not fit on this one. I don't want to wear out this poor blog with all of my ramblings.
There's just one slight problem....


So help me out; leave suggestions for blog titles i can use for my personal blog. it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



August 4th!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? That's so cruel!! You will all be done by then... jgdjksgadhwizftica! Who mplans mean things like that? What have we little european fans done to Little Brown to punish us like that. I dont understand!! HP came out at the same time too!! Not fair. At all. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out today's news on stephenie's site. Which you should anyway, cause the first Breaking Dawn quote is up. And it's mystifying me. Which it still will long after you know exactly what it means.

I'm going to go to bed now to cry

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lauren was right


It's amazing. Not really how I pictured his room but it's pretty. he is pretty.
He doesn't hide his SEXY English accent to well. but I love it.


Beth, you have a point. Jessica is very very annoying. But she might actually be to blame for the imfamous Meadow kiss.
But still:
The line is "do you think saturday..."
"i really doubt it"

Thats from memory too. lol



best 3+ minutes of my life. And totally worth the 3 hour wait.

watch. gawk. love. your welcome



Ok, here's how bad it gets with the Twilight obsessing. I was rereading it the other day (trying to get through all 3 before Breaking Dawn) and I had just passed the Port Angeles scene. Remember the morning when Edward picks Bella up for school, and Jess asks her questions all morning? One of her questions was "Has he kissed you?" Bella said no. The next quesiton was "Do you think Saturday..." Bella said "I really think not." That was a conversation Edward was listening in on. That Saturday he kissed her. Was that maybe thanks to Jess? haha, interesting thought. And yes, those quotes did come straight from my head.
Btw, u should all check Steph Meyer's site.
anyway...I will no longer be posting in itallics, it bothers me, this is my new font. Similar to the old one.
Today is my day off. I got up for swim practice at 6am, my bedroom is being recarpeted and I am sporadically helping, and I need to write a 500 word story titled "The Window" by tuesday which is half done, 3/4 imiagined and already over twice as long as it can be. Urgh. I'll be working from tomorrow til Tuesday I think, I get off 7:30/8ish on Saturday, so i can't come to Kaiti's party party but ill try to stop by afterwards to hang for a lil bit, maybe sleep over depending on what time I have to work Sunday, and drop off a couple things. So to everyone, I'll see you then!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

You guys ready for Earth Shattering news?

Guess What I did tonight? I ate a whole bunch of messy Mexican food in front of Joe. It was kinda hard because mom kept embarassing me, but you know that is her job. There is a small chance Joe won't be able to go campign with me in August so I wanted to know if any one was interested just in case he can't come. It is for a week in Virginia at this place called Cherrystone. Lauren don't forget to bring that book over Kaiti's house on Saturday. Sophie I miss you. I might be coming over next summer, be warned. Oh i promised i would inform you Sophie on Joe and i news so here it goes, Joe and i are actually starting to worry about college, because we want to be close to each other, but he has a two year head start on me, but I'll have about 30 to 50 college credits so i have no clue where that leaves us. Anyway i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it's so exciting! Well. No. It's actually kind of weird. I'm having a major culture shock . But anyway.

Gibbson and Selina were at the airport!!! That was exciting, but since they showed up out of nowhere 5 inches behind me, i couldn't do the Lauren test. Well, I guess i could have, but i would have had to run away some feet and then turn around and run back at them. Which could have been a little confusing for them.... So I just group-hugged them.

My cats recognized me!! Not that I ever doubted they would. And they were so happy to see me! Or at least Foxi was. He wouldn't let go of me until, like now. Fix was very irritated. He threw up and peed on my bed within the first 60 minutes of my arrival. And he doesn't like, that I'm taking over "his" room. So all in all he's taking it a lot better than I had expected. When I came home, my neighbors had decorated my room with flowers and pretty paperthings (I forgot the word in englsih) and a sign that said "Welcome Back". I nearly cried. A couple hours later my little neighbor aka little adopted brother came over and gave me flowers. Aw! He has grown so much!

A lot of things have changed. Little things like new furniture and new stores, and big things like... well, me. It's hard to get used to. When I went to America, I knew that things would be different, but coming back I expected it all to be the same. Which it pretty much is, I guess. But I don't fit in it like I used to. People here look so evil. In a high-heels, dead-baby-cow-purse way. And everybody thinks I'm American! Apparently I have a strong American accent. Great. So I speak English with German accent and German with an english accent. I'm probably going to be known as the girl with the accent for the rest of my life. I like pretending that I'm American, by the way. I did it first in Frankfurt, when we missed our flight, cause I felt like yelling at the airline people for their supid German-ness. But I did it in the airplane too, cause I didn't know whether I should use the formal or the informal "you" with the guy next to me (only english doesnt have this stupid formal/informal) business. It might have confused him, since I was redaing a german book... also, I find myself saying "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" to random people in the subway. And once in a while I catch myself in the middle of an english sentence. Ooops. But I'm actually considering to use a fake American identity in public. People are nicer to you. And if they say something you don't wanna hear, you can just pretend to not understand... name suggestions are welcome.

I have to continue unpacking now. There's not enough space for all my stuff!!! My little room is so messy that it scares even me - and that is saying something. Oh, and I have to study french cause I have French School for the next weeks =(

Au revoir,
the girl with the accent

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling Bookish?

So tonight was the first night of the teen writing workshop at the library. I have to say it's gonna be awesome and I already can't wait for next week! Keri Mikulski (an author who wrote a YA book called Screwball) is teaching the workshop.
Tonight we pretty much introduced ourselves, talked about our favorite books and authors, and described what kind of writers we are. Keri gave us all a copy of her book (Kaiti, she has one for you, don't worrk). I think I'll start that tonight...
She has a blog too! It's So check that out.
She's doing this cool contest where she's giving away free books! (I know how excited you guys get about free books. If you dont know what i mean, i have two words for you: advanced copies.)
(That gives me two entries for linking it ;-) )

If you want to come to the next session of the workshop (which you should), come prepared with a notebook for all your writing and 5-10 of your favorite books (you could also just find them in the library when you get there).

so... i guess that's all for now!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Library Stuff!

Hello Amoeba-ites! I'm writing to you from the library. Today is my first day of work. What have I done today? Shelve books. Tons of fun! Well, not exactly... but I can definitely tell I'm going to like it here.

I just wanted to remind people that the teen writing workshop starts wednesday. i want you to come if at all possible. it's from 6 to 7 p.m.

Since you can't see me, I just helped a little girl find a book. it took 3 searches. I feel proud of myself. Books awaiting...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Email from Sophie! (ignore bad spacing)

We went to plimoth plantation a couple if days ago and it was REALLY awesome. The have a rebuilt village and actors who dressand speak and act as if they were still in 1627. I discussed all theBritish monarchs up to Charles I ( who was king in '27) with mylesstandish!! You can imagine how exciting that was for me. My mom triedto marry me off to random pilgrims, which was pretty embarassing, butI fought it off with the argument that I can't cook. I knew that wouldbe good for something. After that we went to walden; it was amazing!The pond itself is so beautiful and clear that I jumped in. As much asthat was possible without underwear exposure. I got the jeans ofawesome pretty wet. Thoreau's cabinet was surprisingly comfortable andnice. He makes it seem so rebellious and radical to live there, butwhen you look at it, it seems much preferable to the usual 19thcentury houses with their few windows, low ceilings and creepywallpapers. Plus, it stood just a few feet from this beautiful lake!Considering that it was just a walk away from concord and that mommybrought him lunchpckets every weekend, Thoreau really seems more likean eccentric boy playing in his treehouse ansmd pretending he' s inthe jungle. So that was a slightly worldshattering morning. I totallygot over it by the evening though, when we got to a pretty little townat the ocean in Maine. We stayed in a beautiful Victorian inn. Then wewent to a beautiful little island near the coast of Maine. Thelandscape consists pretty much of huge fir forests, occasionalyinterrupted by lakes and the ocean. Everything here seeems to be madeup of dark green and blue. It's beautiful. I went pretty overboardwith taking pictures, the hotelowner even thought I was a professionalphotographer. You'll see, once I get home and put them on facebook. Iswam in a bay at sunset and the next day I went swimming in a lake. Itwas so much fun! Today we drove up to Vermont and are going to visitben&jerry's tomorrow or the day after. The we'll go to Boston - andthen home!! I doubt gibbson will be at the airport, but I'm stillvery excited to get to berlin.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little icons about Kaiti....

I have not posted on here in a while. I am sorry. I just have been really busy lately with reading and having Rachel around. (by the way I sent out my party invites. and you who are in the amoeba are invited to sleepover after so don't forget to bring sleeping stuff.) I am going to be 16 tomorrow. =]
Just thought you guys needed me to say Hi.

Pictures?!?!?!?!? Just inviting you into my favorite things with icons.
Doctor WhoDoctor Readsharry potter, harry potter iconsSlytherin Iconchace,gossip girl,gossip girlTwilight.Twilight iconsPeter PanBest friends.nerd

What can I say I love icons. teehee. Is there a rehab of icons?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

(Insert witty and somewhat creepy title here) NUDIST BEACH

"She doesn't walk she's always prancing,
Only when she isn't dancing"

Downloaded she is brighter. I need the CD. BAD


20 dollars! Geezum. I better ask Santa.

I posted 3 times on my blog today ( But then I realized the amoeba has been neglected. And also that we are getting ever closer to the 200th post. Who will get the honor of postng. I can't spell for crap.

Subliminal....Check Lauren's blog. Eat corndogs

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twilight Encyclopedia

What everybody has been waiting for — the definitive encyclopedic reference to the Twilight Saga. This must-have hardcover edition — the only official guide — provides readers with everything they need to further explore the unforgettable world Stephenie Meyer created in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. With exclusive new material, character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references and much more, this comprehensive handbook is essential for every Twilight Saga fan. Geez, my comp is being gay, won't let me skip a line in the post...anyway, so much for twilight obsessing. Found this on the's $20, coming out this winter...which i am not paying for but im guessing one of u will. or itll be a xmas gift or something ;-). so...ya.


Okay, instead of posting a gazillion comments on ppl's posts, ill just answer in a whole new post...

1. You're welcome, Sophie.

2. I'm sorry, but Twilight is geeky. Emo kids can be geeky too.

3. I really want to go to the army of freshman concert!

4. I also have no life but it's because all you other ppl do and your lives apparently dont include me!


6. I wanted to have a sleepover tomorrow but since no one will answer me, it'll probably just be me, kaity and kaiti. I'm begging you, please call me back!

7. I miss everyone soo much!

Lots of love,



Maybe its not the best idea to join the swim team if u have no idea how to breathe while swimming...and have absolutely no lung endurance. o well, cant hurt to learn...anyway, at least im not the only one, theres another freshmen there whos in the same boat as me, so to speak...tho if we had a boat we probably wouldnt be in the water. at practice i probably have been seeming a bit...odder than usual. but that is somehting one cannot help while both sleep and oxygen defficient. which is what swimming laps freestyle at 7 am has been making me. tho ive only done practice twice so far...the coach is Mr McElroy, hes an honors history teacher at tech...he makes very odd metaphors. the first time he started talking about his cat Marvin, he caught me completely off guard...when he started talking about dead albatrosses i was a bit mroe prepared. ive met a couple ppl from tech there (obviously...i meant the ones that were already there tho.) tim, chelsea and mitch were ppl i didnt know b4...and the other freshmen, of course.
well as u can c, since im only posting about swim team, i am sorta lacking a life currently...i would appreciate it if u guys could help with that. of course, work is getting in the way, im not even sure if ill be able to make the army of freshmen concert saturday...will be able to go to fireworks in goshen tho, and willing to meet anyone there, but i think we'll have a full car since adams bringing Jess. (the female one, the one that doesnt want dreads. as far as i know.)
fun fact of the day: the turkish word for chug is "fundip." not sure if thats the spelling, all i know is that Ulka got the candy mixed up with the action...haha.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Further obsessing in my boredom...

You all are going to laugh at me...

... I found a Twilight band.

I was bored and on Stephenie's website. I decided to go on to see if there was any new stuff. There was this huge banner advertising t-shirts for a band so i was like ooh! twilight music! so i searched them on myspace and listened to the songs. The music is actually really good, if a bit slow. It's like Wrock - Twilight style! yay!
Give them a listen:
The song called Jacob Black is really funny.
It made me happy that there were two downloadable songs! ;-)
so... yeah... now my music is even more geeky on my ipod...