Tuesday, April 29, 2008


hehe, I had to leave the room and come on the computer because I was having humorous daydreams again. U know how frustrating it is to not be able to hold ur laugh in, right when ur mom walks in the door? i manage to do it every time. maybe I'm going crazy. I was having some really random thoughts yesterday....and no can't remember what they were...anyway.
well about the party at Andi's...wanna know if that extends to all of us, and if we can get either a ride or directions. tho i wouldnt recommend puttin gthe directions on the blog...not after stickboy...just get back 2 me, k?
and what about the DIV concert? want info, ppl! i think i'll come to this one. if ma dont make such a fuss again. wish i was goin 2 the switchfoot concert, so baaaad...if any of u somehow arent able 2 go (which im not wishing on anyone, but still) can i please please please have ur ticket??
and george, ill send the books w/ adam 2 school 2morrow. im guessing theyll get to u, as long as he doesnt set them on fire or something...its not like he would want to steal them for anything else...


Everyone, Andi would like me to bring it to your attention that you are all invited to her house for a party on Saturday. That would of course be after the Dying in Vain concert at Alternate Destination in the Villas.

Beauty,Truth, Love, and Peace,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thats How You Know

Enchanted is amazing, and adorable, and Pauly even agrees with me, he liked it!



Im currently listening to "Thats How You Know" and im happy happy happy. So happy =D.

Im about to break out in song. Seriously.


Thats what i'll do.




Okay, Well right now I should be working on my reading logs and biology. Instead I'm typing and watching Scream 2. Sorry for not posting anything before. I have been busy. This week should be interesting. I have 2 concerts to go to. Sophie I'm so glad you had a good time at Prom. Kate my arm still hurts when something touches it. I get to see Joe 4 days in a row. I'm glowing. I can't wait to hear my song. I love you all <3


"An oriental affair" (Middle's theme is stupid)

So I actually survived my Prom. And as Beth mentioned, I didn't get covered in pigblood and I didn't set the convention on fire either. So it wasn't too bad.
it was actually a lot of fun. My dress was absolutely ginormous and barely fit into the Limo or under our table and my hair... was a miracle. I mean that absolutely literally: I'm pretty sure it defied a dozen laws of physics. I got my hair done at 4:30 on saturday and sunday noon, 20 hours, a middlebig storm, rain, dancing, afterprom, random bumping my head into walls and six hours of sleep later it was still exactly as it was when I left the hairstylist. !!! It took 40 bobbypins and half a bottle of hairspray.
I really didn't know all the scaryngly seriuos seniors in the limo at all, but I was so caught in my prom-bubble, that it didn't actually matter. Amazingly, I didn't trip when we walked the aisle.
Prom itself was a lot of fun; hanging out with random people, running around in a dress half my body-weight, dancing (!) , and eating fortunecookies and canned oranges.
Afterprom was pretty boring and tiring though, but oh well.
Than you guys (Beth, Kaity and George) so much for enduring my pre-prom hysteria with all the squeaking and jumping and stuff. It meant a lot to me. I wish the amoeba could have been at the prom, it would have been so much more fun. Next year is gonna be sooooooo amazing for all of you!!!!!! I expect very detailed documentation

Love, Sophs

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aha Beth

Beth you crack me up!

Aha in a good way. Yes I do have a boyfriend and hes totally fine with me being bi, and being into this girl. Hes totally cool with it. So all thats good XD

And yeah I dont know why but stick boy totally just started talking to me on my post. Kinda weird but, Im up for new friends. Hmmm, how did he find us? Nobody knows.


From Beth

I just posted this but i remembered some other things i had 2 add and i realized i didnt do my font so im updating...
ok, Stickboy is scaring me a lil bit (he commented April 3 times)...i personally dont get why people would be so interested in the business of people they don't know. I sorta thought the blog would be just the Amoeba. Not that all the Amoeba post...Lauren (when u get ur comp back), is there a setting u can put up so that only we can get to this?
Sophie said her prom was awesome and typical (like "carrie" minus the pig's blood)(figured u would be curious, if she didnt already say something) (she'll give u details later, i guess)
I did not get to my first day of work today, it was too cold n cloudy (not that that would matter to crazy non-pregnant but ice cream craving people like us)
I finished the book "wake" ( i was bored, i know it was only one day). it was awesome. not twilight, but surprisingly complex for being so short. and i may now have a new personal edward. i mean, almost any girl would love edward, but Cabel from Wake is more personal taste, i think. like a cross between edward, Kartik and Fang, minus being a vampire, psychic (his r the ones whose thoughts are being read while he sleeps), winged boy, and...welll theres not really magic in the story. and he's from a recent time period. so basically like all those ppl but more realistic. and has a sadder past. though i think only george will uinderstand all of that little rant...o, and i started the blue envelopes book. it's pretty good so far.
And April, none of us care that ur bi (u should know how into gay rights Soph is, being from the gay ghetto n all, and as long as ur not into me it doesnt affect me one bit). But don't u have a boyfriend currently? i mean, i dont exactly believe in polygamy. or whatever it would be with that mix of genders...

geez, y r my posts so freakin long? hope u all dont mind...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Was amazing last night, you guys should have seen the set up, it was so magical, I hope our senior prom is just as amazing as it was last night. It was beautiful.

After-Prom was nice too. Even though me and Madison had to leave around 11pm because I had gotten sick. I feel so bad though. Ive been sick for the past week. And it really caught up with me last night. Sorry Madison.

So im guessing everyones cool with me being bisexual cause no one has posted anything about it so, cool XD. Thanks for understanding.

Beth, aha I forgive you for not liking to talk over the phone, I dont like too either sometimes.

~The Turtle~


well it was pointed out to me that me and Soph (it's funny how I always group us together like that, like she's and extension of me or something) usually spend more time with Lauren n George than the rest of u guys...and I'm sorry. I don't mean to do that, neither does Soph, but sometimes Ma will just say "o we're passing so-and-so's house, we should see if they want to come" or whatever. And she always thinks of us being closest with George and Lauren, because I've known them the longest, so those are the names she always mentions, and I just go along wiht it. Plus I have issues talking to people on the phone I don't usually talk to on the phone, therefore have issues with making plans...I'm sorry. I'll try to fix that, in the future...

Friday, April 25, 2008


So we watched Juno last night. And I decided I love the soundtrack. It's completely random and the kind of thing Lauren would usually love, but I sorta claimed it this time ;-) So i looked it up, cuz everyone was saying it would probably only be on itunes or something, but apparently it's this huge selling album, and I'm fairly sure it'll be on cd. I'm buying it. Dw, I'll let everyone borrow it to put on their ipods. But next time I go to the mall or something, I'll get it so long as I have enough $$ on me.
I have an odd taste in music, I'll admit...depending on my mood, my favorite type is occasionally classic rock, and I know all the words to all these old rock songs none of u probably know. Unless u were raised on it like i was.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


To Kristi's house tonight.

Im tutoring her =D I cant wait.

I feel like I need to tell you guys something.

I am bisexual. I am in love with a girl. [[Kristi]] She knows. Im not a pervert. I am a regular girl with just the love of both sexes. Thats it.

You hate it? Get over it.

Its how I want to live my life. Nothing is going to change that.

~April the Bisexual Turtle ~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things will get better now

Ok, first i want to start out by saying I love April, i seriously want to steal that picture and put it on my myspace!!! ;-)

And also, i know i've been really angry and (insert yucky word here) lately and i want to APOLOGIZE LOTS AND LOTS! Next time i get like that, Kaiti has permission (no, i command her) to smack me! If you're wondering why i'm changing my mind so suddenly, it's partially because of youth group. it made me feel ashamed of myself. there shall be no dropping bad words from me anymore. (if i do, once again, Kaiti, smack me) and i wont let myself get as angry. ive learned a lot out of this... more than i learn from geometry class...
so i suppose that's all


<3 George

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Made out of my shaving cream XD

how freakin' bad is it??

still no one will tell me or soph more than that there was some posting going on that lauren didnt like, so she's shutting the blog down. when i talked to george she even told me no one would tell me more than that...and lauren just pretended to not know what i was talking about. either that or she was really, really tired...anyway, i was getting really frustrated and upset, because this sorta involves all of us, doesnt it? and im sorry i hung up on u two...i just thought u guys told me stuff, u know? i guess i didnt realize how bad it was...but of course no one was talking to me, so how could i know?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elevators and how to use them

I've realized something very scary. I haven't used an elevator in over 8 months. And then I realized something even more scary. You guys probably use elevators way less than I do. Due to buildings here being in average a lot shorter than in the city (duh).

But Elevators are FUN!! So for the next time you get to use one, here's a first hand urban survival technique:
How to annoy people in elevators.

1. When you enter the elevator: run in, press buttons frantically and look panicked around as if to check that whoever is after you doesn't get in.2. Make faces at the mirror.
3. Stare at somebody in the mirror, in a really obvious way.
4. Stand in a corner, facing the wall. Make no movements or sounds.
5. Pretend to be claustrophobic. Very claustrophobic.
6. After somebody enters, start sniffing around like you're smelling something bad.
7. From time to time, look into your bag. Whisper in it "Still enough air in there?"
8. Have a very loud, fake cellphone conversation.
9. Behave as if the elevator was a boat in a storm.
10. Welcome everybody who gets on with a cheerful" Bon Jour! Welcome on board" Optionally, you can add a "Thank you for traveling with us. We hope you enjoyed your journey." whenever somebody leaves (if you follow the instructions thoroughly, there will be a lot who leave)

Many of these also apply for using subways.

Love, Sophie


ok, so me and Soph r completely confused. what's all the fighting and drama about? i'm fairly sure this can't all be about posting under the wrong name...u can't leave us guys out of the loop like this, what's going on?? who was talking bad in front of Kaiti, and whatever else has been going on? that's the closest there's been to an explanation, and i'm not even sure if that's on topic...
please talk to us middle-ites over here...
oh, and i think i heard from Ma that Soph is going somewhere else before prom? but i'm not sure. so youll have to talk to her about that, see if it's still on...

Monday, April 21, 2008


There's a bit of drama going down. And all I have to say is...this blog is neutral. Switzerland. The Netherlands halfway between friendship and the isle of deception...But still awesome. In an oddly reassuring way.

Message to EVERYONE

Lauren and I have been talking. And she says if this fighting doesn't stop she is deleting the blog for good. And not bringing it back!

Be Warned.

Im done

I think ive stated clearly people think.

And I want Beth to know.

That it isnt me

I dont mean to say harsh things.

Its just what happens

Yah know

Yah know

I am so blah

Okay, I hate people. You want to know why I hate people. People think its okay to talk about your best friend in front of you and trash them. Well that is so not okay. I will not stand for it. You know what if peopel don't like my friends they can piss off and kiss my butt becasue I love you guys more then any stupid person in the world.

Sophie are you still looking for some people to come help you before prom Saturday? I am open for help if you want my support. Just post if you want me too.

And I know there is some drama going on here. And I think we all just need to get along. I love you all. And your all my friends.

All you need is hugs. Now lets hug and make up and get over all the drama. And look at Robert.
Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson - Ani - 001Robert Pattinson


I think Sophie was talking about a narcaleptic elf to some German person on the phone...
Or maybe I'm just hearing things.
And now she's tlaking about being Mormon...wth?


I dont care how slow your computer is. Sign in on your own because its getting really annoying. And no one likes it. So sign in under your own user! [[By the way, it doesnt matter if you use your moms computer or not its called NOT SAVING THE LOGIN IN PASSWORD SO IT DOESNT AUTOMATICALLY SIGN YOU IN.]]

Another dispute has come to my attention. People need to start being nice to one another because it all comes back to me, and im the only one who says something about. So listen up and listen good. Stop being mean because im sick of it! Im not going to say any names or anything but you guys need to stop fighting and stop saying mean things. I dont care if your in a crappy mood, or if your on your period, or your love life isnt going your way, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT FOR THAT MATTER. BE NICE. Im sick of everyone coming to me to post blogs about the situations.

Now im the bitch because I had to come out and say this stuff.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


hehe...u know how i said Ma thought Adam's "biker friends" were cute? well she was asking Adam who they were later...of course one of them turns out to be RayRay.
of course we all started cracking up laughing (we all being me n Soph n George...)
good times. small town. frustratingly small.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Slip and Slide

It so much fun. George and Lauren will agree. Lauren can't slip and slide. She can only jump and flop and not go anywhere.

Those things hurt but last night and this afternoon was amazing. I love hanging out with you guys. teehee.

OMG it so not time to go swimming in pools they are freezing. but it was still fun jumping in and jumping out. I could not get out it was to cold for even a doggy paddle. But I guess freezing was worth it. And the ice cream after was amazing. It seems that every time we got wet this weekend ice cream or something cold followed. Frozen banana.

From Beth

yes, I will continue posting under soph's user. if you want a long, ranty reaosn as to why, read the comment under april's last blog.
anyway...i forget what i was going to psot about. :-(. weren' we going to have a party at lauren's house the night of the prom? i know she talked about it. i can't have ppl sleep over my house the nigiht of sophie's prom, because i start work the next day and it would NOT be good if i go in there tired and in a foul mood. because those of you who know me at all should know that Beth in a foul mood is...well, not exactly someone you want working for you.
ew...Ma and adam keep bugging me trying to find out who i like. if they find out, adam will probably beat him up and ma will probably try to hook us up or somthng. adam was all saying yesterday i can only go out with someone he "approves of". since when has he had the best judgement anyway? he thinks all my guy friends are weird, why would he like the guy i like as more than a friend? stupid...so then adam brings a couple friends over and is riding around on the moped with them and ma goes, two of his friends are pretty cute. just for future reference.
next year...will need help. just for future reference.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sophie has a ... just kidding

I realized something today. Something terrible. Really, really terrible. Prom is in seven days.
Would anyone care to give me emotional support next Saturday? I'll be hyperventilating in a huge gown and it's most likely gonna be pretty hilarious to watch. Then I'll get picked up by Michael and a couple of other seniors in a limo and probably get so nervous that I forget all my English and start talking in weird languages. Which means I'll need people who understand my sophie-ness and can translate to Michael.
Okay, here is the plain truth: I'm really scared and I need you. Prom is so amazing to me and I wanna share that memory with people who actually matter to me.
So this is the plan for whoever volunteers: Saturday at around 4, people could come over and watch me having a breakdown till 6 something. Afterwards you could just go on having the usual amoeba-party. Tell me what you think about that
love, Sophs

P.S.: ...Seven days....

April has a suggestion

So before I leave I want to make a suggestion also.

People need to stop being lazy, and log in under their own user name for the blog. Its come to my attention and its getting really annoying. So stop being lazy!

I will be in North NJ the whole weekend.

Call/Text me

609 846 4849

beth has a suggestion

you know how lauren was having a hissy fit over posting comments? i would like to suggest only posting comments about what were doing over the weekend...like, for clarification purposes. or whatever. that way we know what the comments are about, and we don't keep putting up new posts about what were doing over the weekend...unless its something big or anything... btw, i've been considering that switchfoot concert...you know if i can still go? my math teacher started talking about it today, and a kid in my class from your youth group (matt rickards) was saying that you could turn in the slips until the end of the month...he got his info from stalkerguy though, so idk if that's true...if he has all his facts straight or anything. lemme know pls?

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I got my stupid running shoes. And now I am in a blah world blow up mood.

Going to watch a movie go to sleep. And forget all my troubles. Still want to do something this weekend? I am busy Friday night. But Saturday I am open. If anybody wants ot hang out.

From Beth (bein lazy again)

argh...just posted, then it told me the entire thing i'd typed was blank...Adams makin fun of our blog. and drivin the dog crazy. I had posted to complain about kids in my school complaining about Tech...but i dont feel like going through the whole thing again. R we doin stuff over the weekend? lemme know if theres any plans...

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

Kaiti, I think that you should do a little experiment with the marshmallow burger and the microwave. For scientific purposes only. Of course...the flames and melting is a added bonus. lol

I have an urge to kidnap Robert...he wears red undies. I liiiiike them. :P


Flying Chipmunks ate my Underpants

I went home today. Sorry. I was tired and felt a bit sick.

What would happen if you put a marshmallow hamburger in a Microwave?


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My Toe hurts really bad right now! I mean like super bad! Like I wanna pull my toenail right off of my toe bad!

For all who dont know [[Beth and Sophie]] I had toe surgery done.


Im amazing

And Limes Are Disguistingly Hairy

~April The Turtle~

Going drag

I'm a drag queen!!!!!!!!!! well, I was. For Middle's culture fair, my theatre class had to prepare a scene from "Midsummernight's dream" about a group of xtremely bad actors who put a lovestory on stage. Guess who was the fair maiden. But at Shakespeare's times, women were played by men. Stupid patriarchal society.
So I had to play a very manly guy who eventually puts on a wig that seriously looked like it was once part of a broomstick, combined with one of the ugliest dresses I ever had to lie eyes on and a shawl that was probably already out of style when my grandma was in her teens. Plus I had to speak in a painfully high voice. It was absolutely AWFUL. And in front of half the school.
But in the end, it just rocked. I decided, most people would laugh at me anyway, so the only way out was to make them laugh at my character instead. So I put some serious effort in making it comical, and - amazingly- it worked. It still was pretty embarassing though.
Just felt like sharing that with you guys. Is there gonna be youthgroup tonight? If yes, could anyone give me a ride?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shut Up Banana!


I feel like crap right now. I face is burning still. Who the hell thinks running is fun. I hate those people. Makes me hate the guys in Juno that run by all through the movie.

Speaking of Juno. I love that movie I suggest you all watch it. Madison and George made me feel better hanging out after that annoying painful practice.

Still Beth

I'm sorta bored, okay?!
I was reading the full cast of the twilight movie (they released it 3 days ago, it's on the site), and two of the characters they cast were Waylon Forge and Mr. Molina. Anyone have any idea who the Hell these guys are? I'm guessin Mr. Molina is just some teacher, but Waylon Forge? Do they really have to make up characters for movies? or am I just being really stupid and forgetting some people in the book? I think i would remember a Waylon Forge...

Dont u just hate mechanical telemarketers? especially the ones u have to yell at for a minute before they start talking. I start talking as soon as I answer the phone- well i say hello at least. I dont want to have to shout it a few times before being answered by an automatic voice. Why not just hang up after the first two shouts, you ask? good question...haha.
(in case u hadnt figured it out, one just called me. I dislike answering the phone while on the computer...but i usually do anyway.)

Again, from Beth

So the book fair came to my school this week...I was considering buying the same book I got Georgie for xmas, but i decided not to...instead i bought a couple of other books (one is about a vampire i think...it was sorta unclear, but tis called the vampire plagues...) the one im reading now is about a guy with a wing. yes, only one. its pretty good so far...its called birdwing. anyone know it? and the other one is called Poison...and im sure u guys will steal any that u havent read as of yet. considering going back for more too...
god, my feet are killing me. yesterday in science we walked to the marsh, back, to the bay, and back again (my guess is about a mile, but im not good at estimating), and i was wearing heels. And then in gym today they had us walking laps around the field...im gonna avoid shoes for the rest of the day.

This is really Beth

Being too lazy to switch users. Did you know there used to be a TV show on about a flying nun? The actress was in a lot of other stuff...one movie about a girl with multiple personalties. 17 of them. And that was based on a true story...The Flying Nun had a big hat. That was what made her fly, because she was so small and her hat was so big. Something like that. Only she didn't wear purple...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lauren the Lemming(?)

Yeah, only the coolest purple-wearing nuns fly. And not because the pope pushed them off a cliff either...

Lauren and I

Are becoming nuns. Who wear purple, are very fasionable, and occasionally write operas about balogna and cheese. Oh yeah, we can fly too!

My Room! It has a floor!!!

Too bad the pic won't load. I've discovered that I can listen to Enchanted. And Switchfoot. While writing a paper about Harry Houdini. I'm just a multi-tasking little bugger like that.
Why do I have Enchanted/Switchfoot on the same playlist? Because I'm Lauren. And I have a skilled music-mixing brain. As opposed to say...a pinecone? A slice of bologna? (even though the a sounds like an "ie". Who knows?)


I will get in when it comes out! We shall see The Other Boylen Girl.

Chub Chub

Is meowing at me 0.o

Hamsters and Microwaves.

I give all of you permission to hate me for a while. Soccer is starting and I have to attend all the practices. It's bend as George would say. But I can't miss them. I need to have all four years varsity and all the crap for collage. So if I start bailing on you on Tuesdays and Thursdays hate me. I suck. And blame Roma.

(I hate the gym Teachers, well not Perty and Miller. But all the other ones are dumb.)

I think I am going to hid in books for most of the night after I do this stupid Animal things for Mme. K.

got an idea
Idea!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Lets do something this weekend. Something painless too.

What to do at "Rita's"

Three reasons to order water-ice with Hot Fudge topping:

1. You will create a middlebig panic among the girls who work at Rita's
2. You will get a weird look from at least one of them
3. A random person standing near by will give you a high5
4. It's DELICIOUS! (duh. everything's delicious with hot fudge topping)

(yes, I know it's more than three reasons, but three just sounded better)

Yesterday I found out that "The other Boleyn Girl" isn't in Theater anymore. !!!!!! Which makes me extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely angry at the world. I expect somebody to rent it with me on DVD and watch it with me.


Couldn't have said it better myself, Lauren...

Grilled Cheese

Two pieces of sliced bread. WITH cheese in the middle. 'Nuff said

For Future Reference...

If I happen to flip out at any of you for no apparent reason, seemingly out of the middle of nowhere, please don't kill me. Half the time it is out of nowhere. So if I seem angry or just randomly flip out, just slap me and ask whether or not something's wrong. If I burst out laughing, I'm probably just tired. If I slap back, I'm probably just in a bad mood. Or if i don't answer. If I continue yelling/arguing/whatever, I might be just mad at you. But that will probably pass fairly quickly.
btw, I'm sorry lauren. Please don't kill me.

Hairy Kiwi's

I love Kiwi's. But their hairiness, ew. Anyways.

To tell you guys the truth, I have no clue what so ever to say. Hmm, lets think deep into the mind.

Today I got splashed by my fishy, ewww.

In Chemistry I couldnt understand what mr. Japanese was saying.

Mr. Pruna annoyed me to death.

Lunch was just Amazing.

D'Antonio's was amazing also

French and Pierpont. I was bored to tears.

Thats all I have to say

~April The Turtle~


Aha thats my buddies on Maple Story

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I only have one thing to say. Robert Pattinson can slap my butt any time he'd like. lol

I call dibs on Kaiti's Narnia book, and also I'm going to steal her map of the realm of Narnia, which was lost in the great room clean of 2007. When she finds it. If she looks for it...

I smell like fried chicken. And apples. Not a happy combo, even when its not from McDonalds.


Teehee I got a new book.

I got yet another copy of the complete Chronicles of Narnia Series. This one had that cute Prince Caspian on the cover. I saw it and there was only two copies at ACME so I grabbed one even if I already own the one they but out the first time around.

So my other copy is open for borrowing if anybody want to borrow it.

and Beth as for the butt slapping that is a little rude but that amazing accent of his makes up for it in the long run. He is English they do strange things like that. I think he is super cute I would not mind him slapping my butt.



I also saw that picture, but I do not agree with your comment. I still do believe he deserves this role because he is amazing, and who knows, that slap on the butt could have been like a joke around the set. Maybe everyone is slapping each others butt. Because i've heard of on-set pranks that have happened around other really good movies. So I do not agree. I do believe he deserves the role.

~April The Turtle~

Twilight Movie (Edward)

Does anyone else hate Robert Pattinson?

Because I now do. There was a picture on a bulletin of him slapping some girls butt. I now believe he is a complete jerk, and does not deserve the Edward role unless he is a really, REALLY good actor and can hide his jerk-ness until he finishes the movie. Anyone agree?

Ice Cream = April Happy

Now since Lauren brought up the ice cream deal I thought I would talk about how Marion , Pawls mommy, wanted a banana split last night while we were eating steak Pawl had cooked. So she made it out of her way to go get banana splits. We went to Rainbow Ice Cream Palace. Though, we did not get our banana splits, I got coffee ice cream, with oreo's, whipped cream, and a cherry. And may also add that this sundae was amazing =D

Kaiti, about the rant, I totally agree, why did they have to change them I mean come on, do they think this is funny or something? I couldn't watch adult swim last night even though I knew it was on channel 77. I still couldn't watch it because my tv skipped from 75 to 78. So I dealt with watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Wedding Singer. Which I also liked. But my channels weren't blurry? Maybe something is up with your cable going into the tv.

~April The Turtle~

Phycodillic Peace Sign

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mustaches are for wusses. And Triangles

Kaiti, i don't know about you being the official wall-eater of the group. I ran into a wall today. It hurt really bad, but then I realized that it was raining, so I went outside.
Anyway, I keep dreaming that I have grown a mustache, and It really kinda creeps me out. (Checks upper lip in the mirror. For the thousandth time. lol)
I FINALLY got to eat ice cream. FINALLY! I was all ready to get some ice cream from the trolley stop, but when we pulled up, they were closed! CLOSED! nooooo. But Beth got a job. And Lauren got cookies. So everyone's happy now.


TV Rant

Well I am mad. I go a year without having tv in my room or anything of the such. And last night less then a week since I had my tv hooked back up, for just one single month so I can watch the new season of Doctor Who, the people change all the channels around. Who the heck does that. So now the one channel I need (SciFi) is all blurry and messed up. Gr.

Rant Over.

Heads up for all the people who watched me eat the wall. My head stopped hurting. And I have a cut in my lip. And killed a tooth a little its just sore. Other then that I am fine.

(Official wall eater of the group....for now.)

random song, by alanis morisette

I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyoneI recommend walking around naked in your living roomSwallow it down (what a jagged little pill)It feels so good (swimming in your stomach)Wait until the dust settles
You live you learnYou love you learnYou cry you learnYou lose you learnYou bleed you learnYou scream you learn
I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyoneI certainly doI recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any timeFeel freeThrow it down (the caution blocks you from the wind)Hold it up (to the rays)You wait and see when the smoke clearsYou live you learnYou love you learnYou cry you learnYou lose you learnYou bleed you learnYou scream you learnWear it out (the way a three-year-old would do)Melt it down (you're gonna have to eventually anyway)The fire trucks are coming up around the bend
You live you learnYou love you learnYou cry you learnYou lose you learnYou bleed you learnYou scream you learn
You grieve you learnYou choke you learnYou laugh you learnYou choose you learnYou pray you learnYou ask you learnYou live you learn

I Recommend

Taking a walk in the pouring rain. Seriously, every time it rains and I'm not obligated to do something at that precise moment or stay dry for some particular reason, and it's warm out, I'll just go outside and wander around. Like today...it started pouring when we got home, so I went out and wandered around. I'm still a little damp. Then Ma told me to go get changed, cuz I had to fold the dry laundry, but I didn't want to so I just dried my hair and arms and folded the laundry away from me...
And now my Brasilian sissy is gettin mad at me for writing something other than an IM to her. So I'm gonna finish up here...


Daddy Go To Work

So I woke up this morning from my mom coming in my room asking me about a pipe. Not just any pipe. My pipe. The pipe she had to use for her costume rack for competition last month. Now that I think about it, that place was a amazingly awesome, because it was snowy, and I chased my mom around a jeep 3 times with a snowball in my hand, until I finally threw it in her face. Good times with the mom, I know. Back to this pipe. All I remember is saying to her "I used it to fix my bed sheets." How weird is that? It kinda freaked me out. But she just came back home and asked about it again. And weird enough, I remembered where it was.

Daddy go to work. Today my dad has day shift and he wont wake up. What am I supposed to do? Scream rape just so he can wake up. Or bring out my electric guitar, plug it into the amp, and rock his ears out? 'Cause that would be freaking amazing. I would so totally love to do that. Except I'd be scared that he'd come at me like a ravage bull trying to kill me because I ruined his "Beauty Sleep".

I would still like those amazing suggestions for songs for me to learn on my guitar. Thank you Sophie for correcting me with the "Happy Together" artists. I think that was you. I believe. No one signed it D=

Now I am watching the whores on Rock Of Love II. Has anyone been watching that? There were like two people I did not think were whores.

1. Me and my moms pick ; Amber. She has made it to the final 2. And I am absolutely rooting for her. She is one of my two picks. She did not look like a whore at all. She is actually there for Brett Michaels and me and my mommy see that in her.

2. The other girl I forget her name and it sucks that I cant remember. She was the one who played the guitar amazingly. I really liked her. She was so not a whore because she didnt wear skimpy outfits.

Those are/were my two picks. =D

Now I must go make myself some ramen 'cause im totally hungry for it.

~April the Jewish Turtle~

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Lauren...But with a serious ice cream craving

We have stormed the Wa-wa as of last night. I got Kool-aid. and about seventy other things...and Sophie discovered what pregnant American people eat like (even though none of us are actually pregnant).
As for the ice cream craving....I NEED SOME ICE CREAM. BAD! But not the regular old kind that we eat in front of Madison when she has food poisioning (spring cleaning?) but the awesome soft serve kind that little danny's or like...the other places...of soft serve serving. ness. has...(beth the grammar freak...lol)


Genius on a Stick

So...another morning here...and nothing in particular is happening...only I had brownie mix for breakfast! (don't whine cuz I was the one who made it when everyone else was STILL ASLEEP and avoiding going to the school breakfast...)..and apparently Sophie is not a cat. Don't you love it when you tune into a conversation at such a point that you only hear a little tiny piece and it's like, "NO PANTS!!!" or something like that...for example. Usually it actually turns out worse than that...especially with the perverted guys I sit with in Social Studies...
anyway, about the genius on a stick...that was Lauren's invention. The blog is decidedly genius on a stick. If you believe the internet to be in a stick-like formation...with a smiley face on it. And not felt up by crazy lunch ladies.


Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok well April posted earlier that the song Happy Together song was by the Monkees that is where she is completly wrong. It's by the Turtles. Ha.

So today in the snack line the lunch lady FELT up my fudge pop. They are yummy and all but don't touch my fudgy bar!

(My lip hurts so bad. Don't run into walls.)


Twilight Prom?

Thats amazing!

Twilight fixation posted a new blog today about a Twilight prom in Duxbury MA. Thats amazing. Very very amazing. I say we all pack our bags and head to MA the weekend of May 10th and go. Im serious too. Aha. If only our parents would let us. Maybe we should have our own. With people and stuff. I dont know. Aha just spitting out ideas. Well not really spitting. But typing.

Currently I am learning 2 new songs on my three guitars; Hailey, V, and Alice. Yes I name my guitars. I know thats kinda dorky, but hey thats just me, yah know? The two new current songs are "Tearing up my heart" by N*SYNC and "Happy Together" by the Turtles. How amazing is that Lauren? Our song. Aha. Any suggestions?

Im serious about this. I really want to go on American idol. And sing. And see where it takes me. I know I may not be that good. I just want to see if I could get to Hollywood week or not. =D and if that doesnt work out. I want to make a band. That way we could all have a band, and we could be hardcore like "Rawwwr" and stuffs.

Since everyone kinda picked out what they want to be, Lauren being a pinecone, and George being a fishy. I want to be a turtle. Yes, thats right, a turtle. I am the turtle of all turtles.

Just A Jewish Turtle



Um...Not Normal, even for me

Adam came over my house, and now he is watching Judge Judy with my mom. Weirdness...

On the bright side, I haven't kicked/yelled at any inanimate objects today. At least not in the last 4 minutes...


Twilight Revelations

Whuiiiii!! Let me introduce myself, cause apparently everybody else did that... I'm Sophie (or Soph) and I like to wave at things.
I am really scared to say that because all of you will probably beat me up, but nevertheless: after rereading Twilight for the first time after 8 months I just gotta say that Bella (deep breath) - is a total jerk. In the beginning of Twilight everybody in Forks is really nice to her, but she doesn't appreciate it AT ALL. She thinks these arrogant things about the people she hangs out with in school, but she doesn't have enough integrity to tell them or just keep away from them. And don't argue that she has a lot of stress because she just moved from Phoenix - I kinda know how it is to leave home and go live somewhere else. And she can at least stay in the same country.
So yeah, I decided I don't like Bella. She is arrogant and apparently one of these people who think the are too awesome to be friendly to other people. No human is good enough for her, literally. You don't really notice her mean-ness when she is around Edward or Jacob though. Edward is still amazing of course! And the book is too. It's just the main character.
Oh, that reminds me: i was reading twilight in the middle of the hallway today and this random girl who's extremely shy normally, walks up to me and says "THIS BOOK KICKS ASS!" and walks away.
DFTBA, Sophie

P.S.: Don't hate me! Please!
P.P.S: By the way, I'm German

Forest Gumps Daddy

So since I am new to this I guess I must introduce myself in the only possible way I can do that. I am April. I am Jew. I am ... Random. I am me.

Thats how easily I can put myself, in of course simplest terms. I believe.

Today was the science fair, and I for one had NO FUN WHAT-SO-EVER. Mr. Kurtz is evil and Im Sure I can prevail from what he said to me but, he did not need to be so rude. I mean come on Mr. Kurtz, to make friends you need to be nice! Not some evil jerk from the land of Zorkon. [[Yes I just made that up]]. The only thing good about today at school was switching shoes with everyone and spreading around foot fungus.

Now I named this Forrest Gumps Daddy because I still wonder what happened to him. He went away on vacation, and NEVER CAME BACK. I mean what kind of vacation is that. I still still wonder about this ever since the first time I layed eyes on that movie. And it bugs me that he never came back.


forrest gump

Mushrooms suck

Kaiti, I love the pic. I wrote that I have a pet llama named Crisco on a banana and chucked it across my middle school lunchroom. Of course it just HAD to hit somebody in the head.

What is the point of mushrooms? Does anybody even need to really have mushrooms anyway? ew...idk. Georgeanne, you might not want to be a fish. Mr. Toft may make me dissect you...for scientific purposes...of science.



The title has nothing to do with the post. So today I had a journal to write. I came with with the answer to the question and Lauren stole it. Who are you? Was the question. Well who am I, I am a bunch of matter combined together mixed with awesome crammed into a fleshy body. That's who I am.

I know what you must be thinking what is awesome. teehee figure it out. Congrats to George for taking 1st place. wish I could be there but Mr. T was being "bend" and not letting us. Instead he gave us a test. So belated hug *hug* (and I plan on stealing your map of the realm of Narnia.)

I learned that some people have really nasty feet from sharing shoes. Guys some of you need to g wash your feet. No names.


Apparently I'm in Demand... ;-)

So here's a George post. Let me introduce myself: I am a fish. And that's all you need to know...

Anyway, Kaiti and Lauren were beating me up at the science fair today because I wasn't posting. And Andi and I created a new race... but that's another story! Speaking of science fair, I won first place in my division! Yay! I was extremely surprised... Anyway, today was really awesome because we got to wander around for periods 2 and 3. Lauren and I were wandering in each other's shoes. And whenever someone would ask, "Why are you wearing two different shoes?" we would simply reply, "Well why aren't you?" Roxanne: "I don't know. I guess I'm not cool enough."

Just a random fact that I pride myself on: I started the Twilight obsession within the Amoeba. Thank you very much, I am amazing. ;-)

And I also happen to have a map of the realm of Narnia...


*swims away*

Revelations of Randomness

So i was thinking...maybe we should have a limited amount of posts in one day. just so everyone can keep up ;-). 2 a day each? That seems fair...Anyway...the other day I was sitting on the bus trying not to be completely bored and yet not talk to my friend who was angry with me...and Soph was readin Twilight, so i started thinking about this fanfic I read once, and the vampires happened to weigh about a ton for some reason. So i was trying to figure out how you could tell, since it never mentions it in the books, and the obvious answer of weighing them wasn't immediately thought of. So i started to picture Bella picking up Edward...and for some reason that led to thinking of how they would weigh different on the moon, because of gravity (I think we'd been talking about it in math class...) So then I realized...If a vampire went to the moon...they wouldn't need all that extra gear cuz they don't have to breathe. so...they could find out what the moon SMELLS like! If I was a vampire, it would be my hypothetical life's ambition to A) go to the moon and see if it smells like cheese and maybe Mars...maybe Venus too, only that would probably smell pretty bad... and B) to swim very deeply down into the ocean. And go skydiving. But I want to do that in my human life...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just realized that both Hank Green and I have maps of the realm of Narnia. teehee. I mentioned it in the first videos of his. But sadly I lost mine in the great room clean on 2007.


NOT a Monkey!

I've just realized that I haven't properly introduced myse-ooooh! A pinecone!!! :D

I'm Lauren (and I am mostly NOT a monkey. Or at least not Kaiti's monkey anyways). I guess I'm the attacking kitty-cat spaz pants of the amoeba...and I'm the one that runs into sliding glass doors the most. Ah well...science fair projects are done, and Lauren is HAPPPPPPPYYY! (And still she is NOT a monkey).


Kaiti's input

Hi this is Kaitlyn. teehee. The brain in the group......not really. I am the nuts one, yet I could argure that we are all nuts so that balances out all our smart and make us equal. But Lauren (The real monkey) would fight that one too. I am the one in the group that gets abused ALL the time by Lauren. Herman, yes she names them.

I love this group of crack loving people. Even if none of us are on crack. The Amoeba is made of awesome and thats all that really needs to be said you silly people.

Nerdfighters are made of awesome and the members of the amoeba are inside....so soes that make us Nerdfighter......I know I am but are you? think about it.


Just to break up the Lauren-ness...

Beth speaking. One of the few voices of reason in the Amoeba. Which is saying something, seeing as my sanity has been in question at times...and seeing as a few kids in my class believe I am on drugs. Don't know why, they've known me since 3rd grade and should know me better than that...Anyhow. I'm suggesting that we each claim a font/color to write in. Mine shall be Times in italics, in purple. I believe that is all for now.

The Amoeba explained

Okay, here's the official title description of the amoeba (which does not include a monkey commonly known as Lauren, unlike Kaiti's belief. Madison can be the monkey)

The amoeba is a large amorphous mass that keeps on changing size, hasn't much apparent use, sometimes makes you sick, and occasionally breaks off into smaller parts that act exactly like the parent.

kudos to Blood and Chocolate for being an awesome title giver-of awesomeness!


The Definition Of Crazy

Lauren is here! Wondering what the use of those weird fonts are for...and for those of you saying: I LIKE the weird fonts, try this on for size:

I like ice cream

hehe...it says I like ice cream...but who DOESEN'T?

but whatever...Science fair is heeeeeere! G2G