Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random rambling about my life

This week was awesomely fun and because I dont feel like writing my french essay now as i should I'm just gonna tell you about it instead. We had another dance, which I always love. Not that I would actually GO to a dance (well, I show up fo 2 minutes and then I run away), but dance-night always means total anarchy in the entire school, so that's fun. This dance was special though cause it was on "Fasching", where people dress up like on halloween (just that it isnt spooky-themed). Of course, i didnt know about any of this, so I had to improvise a costume. I wanted to go as man because I figured it wouldn't take much effort to draw a mustache, but apparently it takes more than facial hair to be a man. So when I realized that despite my beautiful mustache I just couldnt pull off enough manliness. So I ended up going as transvestite, seeing as the marker wouldnt go off my face.

The outfit was inspired by Angel from "rent"

Other than walking through 5 inch snow in high heels I also refounded the "English Literature Club" with a classmate who stayed in Arizona last year. Our aim ist to make version 1.1 of the club more of a way for people to better their english than an exclusive club for former exchange student like the last one was. We dealt with the Lady of Shalott on our first meeting and it went pretty awesomely.
Bummer: The oreos are gone and I dont feel like walking to the dvd rental place =(

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VDay

Wrocking my purple chucks and threadless toaster shirt to go babysit.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Drs, Dentists, Hospitals, Oh My!

Is it just me, or has there seriously been a huge amount of people getting seriously sick lately? My friend's aunt dying, a boy in class blacking out, my uncle having a heart attack, my mom's boss having a stroke, a relative of a relative in the hospital, my cousin's brain seems freakishly never- ending. I even think im forgetting some, which is sorta bad...Not to mention all the crap with my possible lupus and ehler's-danlos syndrome... not that im sure i trust that particular doctor's judgement. for so many reasons...
and, of course, the dental crap. i wonder if it's possible to become immune to novacaine, cuz it didnt seem to be working on me so well today. like, ya know how if u take drugs often enough u start to need more and more of them to get high? it would suck if im becoming tolerant of novacaine... i think that's the terminology they use, something about tolerance.
anyway, do any of u know people getting sick? is it some sort of epidemic, although everything seems completely unrelated? or is it just me noticing things like this? or is it one huge coincidence? (i do actually believe in those, ive decided.)
and a little side note- remember caroling at the hospital, and they talked to us about volunteering? i went for an interview today, im gonna start doing that, either on weekends or this summer. there's a lot of programs they do, there's even a pre-med thing the lady was telling me about... well, actually this part i meant to direct at madison, because of allied medical, and i dont think she reads this anymore. w/e, ill try to mention it to her sometime.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


They have been sighted!!

At the local dvd-rental place!! IN GERMANY!!!

They have been bought!!

At a ridiculous high price!!

This is a historic event. Finally, German food importers have come to their senses, after oreos have already been lonng-established in the netherlands and the uk. Halleluja!