Monday, December 29, 2008


hehehehehehehe and I have pictures.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twas the day of Christmas

and all through the house everyone was stirring even the mouse, wait we don't have a mouse. Happy Christmas Amoeba.

And I have a computer once again. But Christmas this year has not been to much fun. I love opening gifts and spending time with family but when your really sick it's not a joyful. It all started with me having a cold, then my brother has the stomach bug Christmas eve. And then I got it shortly after him and started throwing up. And now I feel crappy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

AHHH! Package of Awesome!!!!

It has arriveth!

It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Imagine me doing a long session of squeeling and hysterical giggling here]

I honestly don't know how to tell you adequatly how excited I am over the package. The movie is amazing - it made me laugh so hard that I fell off my sofa. Gibson loved it, too. I fed him some of the peeps today and I think the concentration of sugariness paralyzed his nerval system a little - I taped it for you, so you can judge for youselves. Also, there will be a wall of Slytherins/Twilight/Doctor Who/Nerdfighter - Americanness in my BS room, which I'm planning out at this very moment. Lauren, Kaity, who do each of you want your Slytherin-selves to happy-dance with? John or Hank? I'm kinda tending towards a Lauren-Hank/ Kaity-John match, but I'm not sure.
Also, Beth, when gibson was being a little depressed today, I used the spray-string on him and it totally cheered him up. I'm always gonna keep it ready-to-go now when I'm with gibson. Please tell everyone in Benche Ct lots of thanks from me. The Sneathen-package has been sent like 2 weeks ago - but by mistake! It is incomplete, with no letter or explanation or anything, which will follow tomorrow (It is a little complicated to coordinate those type of things whith my parents, since we dont see each other on weekdays). The Amoeba package will go out as soon as I find a container for it.

Thanks Thanks Thanks so so so much much much to all of you


PS: I'm working on the coming home thing

Monday, December 15, 2008

Scum Bunny

hehe. I was a scum bunny today. It's a name Kolin(my little Brother) made up for me when I don't shower in the morning. Of course I got a shower the night before but that didn't stop me from being a scum bunny.

Okay well I am freaking out here. My mom had to go to the hospital. It might be her kidney stones again or something else but I don't know and I can't get hold of anyone and Mary Pat (her friend) just called and she is worried too and I am worried and home alone with Kolin who is sleeping. I am so worried I did my homework. Get that I did homework. I NEVER do homework at home. NEVER.

UPDATE. She is home with a kidney infection.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The most embarassing 30 minutes of my life

Let me tell you an episode from the Greta Tragedy that most people refer to as my life. It is inapropriately long, as usual

First, I gotta give you some background information:
There is this big German highschool custom that evrery normal person knows all about, which of course means that I had no clue till this schoolyear. Remember I told you we didnt have a prom? Well, I lied. We do have one, I just never noticed it cause only seniors and their families go there, because the highschool i used to go to consisted of 7 grades and my contact to seniors ( = 13th graders) was completely nonexistant and because it just generally isnt such a big deal. The graduation ball is a lot more formal than prom though: No cha cha slides - you gotta do some serious waltzing here. In order to do that, you have to take dancing lessons. In a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, you obviously cant go to a dancing school - instead, a teacher comes and gives lessons to the poeple at bs. Since everything here is about ten times more formal and traditional and puffy than in the Real World, the dancing class that is given each year always ends with its own ball for all the participants. An extremely FORMAL ball. With parents and dresses and hairstylists and lots of waltzing. In order to go to my graduation ball I first have to master dancing school and its ball. And - this is were it gets critical- in order to take the dancing class, I have to have a partner. A MALE partner. Do you see what I am getting to?

It was very clear to me, who I would ask to be my parner. I only know one single guy here, for cryig out loud. And I wasnt even doubting he would say yes. So I asked The Guy last week (it's not a big deal, since it isnt a date or anything) - and from that moment on, I have been in total despair. Remember in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry ask Cho to the Yule Ball? Well, it was a lot like that, except that I fortunately didnt lose my spaeking-abilty as much. He seemed genuinely sorry for already having said yes to anothe girl, which comforted me a little. But not for long. The great question was: Who would be my partner??

It was amazing to observe, how many poeple took extremely vivid interest in the matter. My roomate made a List ( the capital L is totally justified - you should have seen it!), sorted by priority and consisting mostly of people I had never talked to. Also, everybody seemed to have a different idea of who should be my partner. It would have been a very interesting process, hadnt it concerned ME.
So yesterday, my roommate told me that a sophomore had asked her to write an english essay for her andsince I'm the usual person people come to with their english hw, she transferred it to me. With the plan to use the poor sophomore's gratitude to make him go with me! I was arguing against it as much as I could. Writing one single essay against the service of dancing with for months and months sure wasnt a good deal for him. Plus it would kind of be like prostituting him, wouldnt it? And he was way too handsome. But she and The Guy decided that I had no say whatsoever on the matter and so it happened. This afternoon. During cake-break. Ther really wasnt anything I could do.
We were sitting in the cafeteria, everybody was teasing me and I was hiding my red face behind my Hebrew-folder, when he came in. They saw him. They grabbed me. We walked towards the cloister. He was standing right in front of me - and I made a 180 degree turn, returing to the safe haven of my table as fast as possible. Big mistake, as it turned out. Because two of my friedns went in my place. I wasnt there when it happened, but here is the conversation as told to me:

My friend: Hi Rustam!
Rustam: I dont know your name
Mf: oh, you dont need to. My friend wants to ask you to do the dancing school with her, but she is really shy.
(long explications of the when and how)
Rustam: Oh great! I'd love to!

(Notice, he had no idea who they were talking about at that point)

They called on me eventually, forcing me to face my new won partner. He was really really nice and warm-ish and great, but I burst out in long apologies (which I think he didnt quite undrstand) for asking him anyway. When I returned to the table, I started choking on my pudding and broke down on my seat, while my lovely friends were enjoing themselves very much.

It was a lot more embarassing than it may sound here. It was the WORST. and i have 11 years of PE to look back to, so that is saying something. I have to aknowledge though, that the guy is totally awesome. He started in bs this year too, like me, he's 18, comes from Azerbaijan, has a pretty cool accent and seems extremely friendly. And i suppose he's very goodlooking to, which was my friends' major criteria but is in my point rather disadvantagous. Anyway. He's great. He's my date for this years ball.

Love, soph

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i finally got that joke today...and was trying really hard not to crack up laughing in biology...luckily it was towards the end of class, cuz as soon as the bell rang i lost it. mr mckinley just rolled his eyes at me, but my friends thought i was going crazy or something... or maybe they thought i had a concussion or something, i was very ditzy today after my little "trip"...
my bday has been very musical. first the TSO concert, which was amazing, then i got a book of guitar music and 2 cds. including george's, which is completely made of awesome. im fairly sure u got all my fav songs ever on there ;-). its very happy-making.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

David Tennant

Yesterday I watched Harry Potter 4 and oh my god! David Tennant plays Barty Crouch!! That is so awesome! Barty happens to be one of my favorite characters in the fourth book and though the movies generally suck, they are still related to HP and therefore sparkling with awesome, as is anybody who takes part in it. What I'm saying is this: I am an official David Tennant Fan now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you guys remember...

how last year we said that this year school would be like a nonstop party?

Today it actually felt like that.


Friday, November 28, 2008

So I just got home and went online and...

...Holy Crap, Kaity! Was that your Nerd Duck I just saw on the vlogbrother's channel??? The one John was totally in love with and wants to put in his museum?? Like, SERIOUSLY?

I didnt even know it was Thanksgiving yesterday, until I went onto the blog. Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I am thankful of too many things to list here, so let's just say that I'm thankful for having so much to thank for. For feeling so full.
Love you all, Soph

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for all of you!!! And also the ridiculous amount of food i'm going to consume... ;-)

What are you thankful for? Post or comment about it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Concert and Snow

The concert was totally awesome, although it was too long for me to catch the last train to Berlin, so I spent a second night at The Guy's house. Embarassing moment of the week: I told him I didn't need any bed-stuff cause I had my sleeping bag (I am very fond of my sleeping bag) so when his mom asked from downstairs if she should bring some sheets up, he answered: 'no we don't need an extra bed' and she was like 'okay then...'. And then I just died of embarassment.
After i had died, we watched Atonement and I died again, this time because of total disgust. Why did noone tell me about the pieces of brain, the water corpses and the creepy children??!

Germany is all snowed in, my school too. It is undescribably beautiful. Plus it's very funny and interesting to watch my fellow students react to the snow. Basically, there are three types of reaction, one for every branch the school has:

1. The Music Geeks panic because the fear to get a cold, which would keep them from choir.

2. The Science Geeks get busy testing various spects of Thermodynamics and experimenting with the statics of snow

3. The Language Geeks cherish the lyrical beauty of the winter wonder land and engage in long walks in the park and epical snowball fights

The Kooks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Video.

I put up Paramore's song Decode from the Twilight movie with the video. there is another song from them after Decode ends. I have started to really get into them.

Typing a paper.

Yes. Fun.

Mad Season by Matchbox 20

I feel stupid - but I know it wont last for long
Ive been guessing - I coulda been guessin wrong
You dont know me now
I kinda thought that you should somehow
Does that whole mad season got ya down
I feel stupid but its something that comes and goes
Ive been changin - think its funny how now one knows
We dont talk about - the little things that we do without
When that whole mad season comes around
So why ya gotta stand there
Looking like the answer now
It seems to me - youd come around
I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im lost and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season
I feel stupid - but I think I been catchin on
I feel ugly - but I know I still turn you on
You seem colder now, torn apart, angry, turned around
Will that whole mad season knock you down
So are you gonna stand there
Are you gonna help me out
You need to be together now - I need you now
Do you think you can cope
You figured me out - Im lost and Im hopeless
Bleeding and broken - though Ive never spoken
I come undone - in this mad season
Now Im cryin - isnt that what you want
Im tryin to live my life on my own
But I wont
At times - I do believe I am strong
So someone tell me why, why, why
Do i, i, I feel stupid
And I came undone
And I came undone

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what's new

there's much to tell you, my friends, but alas, time is short. So let's get going:
My class went to the world's largest Beatles museum this week and the concentration of pure awesome made me dizzy. Yesterday at midnight, we toasted on The Guy's 18th birthday(Imagine me trying to get myself subtly attractive in my ratty old jammies). Which was great timing since today we wrote an essay on Faust for four hours straight, an exam practice that I think should be illegal. Tomorrow, I won't go home like usual but to The Guy's house in a nearby city with a large crowd, where we he is having is birthday party till Saturday. After everybody has left on Saturday for their various hometowns, The Guy and I will go to a concert of the Kooks, from where I'll try to catch the last train to Berlin, which would bring me there at around midnight. All that might or might not happen at all because there is said to be one of the awfullest snowstorms ever to night, so the trains might be out of service and we would be stuck in the convent. My luck.
Devastating news today: Some stupid senior guy is founding a party! It's not even an independent one, but the youth group of what you could call the German Democrats. But because he is a senior and a guy and tall and handsome, every person interested in politics is going to join his group and not ours. Just now, when we are starting to get established and are working on our first projects! But the fight isn't over yet...
Gotta go now cause there is this big traditional ceremony for all the alumni who have died in the past year. lotsa love!

oh, Shakespeare is dead. I'm going to Brussel (dont know if thats the english name) instead, it's chaeper.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Dummy
by Michael Mack
In that forgotten part of town
Where wasted hopes and dreams abound,
A wrinkled man with life near end,
In hopes to have at least one friend,
Fashioned bits of wood and things
And made a dummy run by strings.

He sat alone for hours on end,
Conversing with his only friend
And found delight within the fact
That he controlled it's every act.
He told it how he never had
A chance, since all his luck was bad
Although he'd tried so to succeed -
The dummy nodded and agreed.

And how his journeys in romance
Had never given him a chance,
And wasn't it a crying shame
That he was always held to blame
When everyone knew, oh so well,
That life is but a living Hell,
Controlled by lust and power and greed?
The dummy nodded and agreed.

With patience that would rival saints,
That dummy sat through all complaints
And, with each little expert tug,
He'd droop his head or bow or shrug
And give some comfort to the man
Who held his lifelines in his hand
And helped to fill a lonely need
When he just nodded and agreed.

Senility increased with time
As did the old man's phantomime,
And feverish fingers pulled with glee
The dummy's dance of misery.
They never left each other's side
Until the day both stopped and died.
We found them lying, hand in hand,
The dummy - and his wooden friend.

Friday, November 14, 2008

o, the weekend of the robot baby

this thing is gonna be annoying. already, it barely let me eat dinner. already, i accidentally dropped its head. urgh. no sleep tonight...or 2morrow night...soph, be glad u dont sleep in my room anymore.

Kaiti's phone is gone.

I give you all permission to leave messages to the bus driver to return my phone. Text messages or even try calling telling her how I miss and want my phone back. Or atleast who I am. Thank you. Seriously I need my phone. Lots of text please.

Nuclear Power, Dreadlocks and Hobos like me

Home! Yay! I havent been here in forever! So I shall use the occasion to tell you about the most amazing weekend I had in a very long time. It's gonna be one of those super-long Sophie rants, done very hastily.
Every year or so there is this huge, big, giant anti-nuclear power thing. It's in Gorleben and its surroundings, a small village in central-north Germany, where there is a dump for nuclear trash and every time a train with new trash arrives, this demonstration/festival/protest takes place. You cant really call it a demonstration, cause the demonstration is only a small part of it. More important are the countless little activities before and (mostly) after. Like chaining yourself to railroads or concerts or whatever. Of course there's more than this one dump in germany, but instead of doing small demonstrations for each of them, it's all bundled up in this one symbolic place.
I've wanted to go there for a really long time and some weeks ago I told a friend about it and she wanted to go, too. So we googled 'Gorleben', found the email adress of some people who hired busses from Berlin to Gorleben and who told us to transfer around 10 bucks to their bank account or whatever we could afford, if we felt like it. That's where our preparations ended.

So we showed up at the place the busses were supposed to show up and they took us to Gorleben, where we participated in the official demosntration. It was great: There were lots of really different people, from hippies to punks and farmers, and the atmosphere was amazing. I've never met so much simple friendliness and readiness to help each other ever before. Also, i got the chance to reconect to lots of people from the green party. There were 16000 people, which is totally crazy for a demonstration in Arizona-sized Germany and was more than there had been in many years. After all the speeches were given, a pretty famous band rooted in that area gave a great concert. After their concert, we ran to their tour bus (I dont even know why) and hang out with them, which in itself was kinda crazy cause they are the type people who are too famous to hang out with ordinary mortals like us. But they were really nice and we hugged and took pictures together.

As it turned out, we didnt have place to sleep. Which was kind of, you know, an odd feeling. But we had heard about an sitting blockade (i dont know the right term in english) right in front of the dump. We didnt have anywhere else to go, so we went there. Maybe we would meet people who could tell us some place to sleep. But by the time we had made it through th 4 or so miles of woods and darkness with heavy luggage and hundreds of special-unit policemen staring at us and shining flash lights at us and us thinking "theyregoingtoarrestustheyregoingtoarrestus" since we were obviously on our way to participate in an illegal blockade, we were at the point where we didnt feel like going anywhere with anybody.
But then we got to the blockade and it was totally awesome. There were about 200 made of awesome people, the farmers gave out straw-sacks so nobody had to sleep directly on the comcrete and robin wood supplied soup. We decided to stay. It was recommended to form groups, so to organize everything more democratically and safer for the individual. We got in a group with 5 super-alternative collge- guys and two girls. They took really good care of us, explained us essential information, like who to call when we get arrested and what kind of arms the police might use against us. we hang out with them all night, except for the random hours when we slept. Most of the time we spent with a guy who looked and acted exactly like Jason Castro (although I did not tell him so cause I figured that guys who look like jason Castro dont necessarily take that as a compliment) and was unbelievably nice. All three of us cuddled up against the extreme cold and moistness and got through the night fairly well that way.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the next day to get back to boarding school. We much rather would have stayed until the end, but oh well. We tramped with some people from some other blockade for about 100km and then took the train, getting back to the "real world", to which we must have looked like dirty crazy hippies. Which actually wasnt too wrong.
That weekend, although it probably sounds uncomfortable, dangerous and totally insane to you, was an absolutely amazing experience, that I think really impacted me. It felt like total freedom, like doing the right thing, finding people that share my values and a way of life I can completely identify with. You cannot imagine how genuinely happy me and my friend were.

One of the things that have definitely and irreversably have changed for me after Gorleben, is my trust in the police. It virtually non-existant. There were 19000 policemen, more than two for every single one of the 9000 protesters they had thought would come. Only that the people who demonstrated were total pacifists and would never ever use violence. Any Highschool Cafeteria would be more likely to cause some act of violence than the poeple at Gorleben. The police on the other hand was extremely agressive and partially really sadistic and despotic, deliberately abusing their powers and breaking the law. We watched lots of videos and tv in the following days ( Gorleben is always topic no 1 on the news) and the way they treated the demonstrators was definitely unecessarily cruel - we were worried sick about the friends we had made and who were still there. Our blockade turned out to be the largest one of the many that there were that night, with 1200 people during the last hours, so there was lots of coverage about it , which helped a little.

I shall shut up now cause I still got lots of things to do and tomorrow there is another big demonstration in Berlin, so I gotta get going.

Lots of love,

Jason is singing you a song! His German twin has way awesomer dreads though. and he's less corny

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updates everyone

I have seriously been slacking. oops. My NaNoWriMo is almost three thousand words. I am working on it. School has cut majorly into my writing time. This long weekend will be good for writing. If you go to my NaNoWriMo page I posted my word count up and I have a summary of the story on there and everything. I am working on it.

Oh and if any of you don't want me to kind of use you or anything like that in my story tell me now because I have noticed a lot of Amoeba-y stuff is kind of in there.

Monday, November 3, 2008


All I wanted was a Obama sticker and nobody is around to walk down there with me. Poo. I guess I will have to find someone to go with.

As for NaNoWriMo. I have been writing but it seems the website and I are not going to get along at all. Also I just learned I will be in Florida for the last days before I have to post my final work count. Meaning I might not get to post it.

Today has not been a good day and a Obama stick might make me happy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Keri Mikulski's Holiday Contest- for two books n a poster. see blog for details.

To enter to win two books and a poster, this month's question is: Are you a giver or a receiver? What do you like better? To give presents or to receive them? Or what is the best present you ever gave or received?
I used to be a definite receiver, but now, I seriously love giving presents. Watching my daughter's eyes light is absolutely amazing. And, of course, I love spoiling my nieces. My best present? Definitely my daughter. :)
Here are the contest rules:
1. To enter to win the above mentioned two books and poster, leave a comment telling me about whether you are a giver or receiver or the best present you ever gave or received.
2. The contest ends at midnight on December 14th, 2008 and the winner will be posted on December 15th, 2008. A family member will pick the winner (including my dog at times).
3. The contest is open to everyone. Don't be shy, my writer friends.
4. If you post the contest on MySpace or your blog, you automatically receive two entries.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My last post lied

I am doing NaNoWriMo now. I am starting today once the site starts to let me fill out everything. I have my account set up. any ideas? I am thinking about continuing my story I started over the summer. I ma going to have to work really hard to get this done but I think I can kind of do it. =] Maybe.

Update! This is my NaNoWriMo update. I have my account set up and I have started to write. I have a thousand plus done so far but not my word counter won't let up paste in the whole thing to count them up.

Happy First Day of NaNoWriMo

To bad I did not think to look into it more before it was to late to sign up. There is always next year. It's where you try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Starts November 1st and ends December 1st.

Twilight News

on the twilight movie page, they said the cast members are gonna go on tour...not exactly sure what they plan on doing, not like theyre gonna perform or anything, maybe just an interview. anywya, the nearest ones are rob pattinson in philly and kristen stewart (that just said somewhere in jersey.) thought u might be interested.
soph....there was nothing on ur post about halloween...or is my comp just being retarded?

Hairy Halloween

You might remember that last year I colored my hair and dressed as an emo. This year I took it one step further: I became an emo. Permanently. On the outside at least.

First of all: There is no Halloween in Germany. There always are some little kids who make brave attempts at pioneering, but that's it, really. Nobody trick or treated us, AT ALL.

So I spent the day with a friend from boarding school who came for the weekend and did lots of completely nonsensical things in order to keep my mind off the sad fact that I was missing out on one of the greatest achievements of the anglophone-world. We made it our goal to find every single LP-store in the city (and let me tell you: we found some pretty weird places); stalked a totally not-famous actor who looks like a younger version of Mick Jagger, looked for hippie equipment and hang out in communist sci-fi bookstores.

All in all, it worked pretty well. But when we found ourselves at the end of the day in front of a shelf with hair dye because she wanted to combine her 60s-outfit with a purple punk hairstyle, well, I just couldnt resist. I hadn't known it before, but at that moment I realized that the one-night-spray-paint from last year had started a great tradition of hair-dying on october 31st. So I bought a brown that was a little brighter than my actual hair. And fairly permanent.

2 hours later, when we had dyed'n dried each others hair, I had to realize that the hair color company had lied to me. The dye was really a lot DARKER than my natural hair. It even drowned out the purple I put into it. I look like a total emo/goth now. Like, seriously. Just that the rest of me doesnt match my hair. So now I'm considering restocking my eyeliner-supply.
On the plus side, i have discovered an hidden talent in me: Hairstylist -ing. I know, it sounds odd, since even so much as putting my hair into a ponytail puts me into distress, but just believe me: I'm very ok in cutting and coloring other people's hair. Which i did with my friend yesterday. I think i have found my calling: I should open an emo - hair saloon. With little bats and Marylin Manson posters as decoration.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!!
Madison, a toast on one year of knowing you!!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bye Bye bus.

I am home doing wash then I am going to school. woops forgot you need to put the whole uniform in the wash. I still don't have a costume for the parade.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ah...good old Billy Shakespeare. There was a man that KNEW how to wear his mustache with pride. And write poetry, of course.

Sophie, I will post pictures when Margo decides to wake up. Apparently she has not gotten the memo that guinea pigs are supposed to be nocturnal creatures. That drink from water bottles constantly and have random bursts of squeaking and attacking Lauren's fingers thinking they are carrots.

And I have an awesome love of Shel Silverstein. Which not many people know, but I have his Where The Sidewalk Ends book on CD.


I have not enjoyed being in the Amoeba. I never see anyone anymore go figure I am super busy with soccer and school. But it seems with some people when I am around they just don't want me there. I know I am being very down in this post say whatever but I say we all hang out sometime. Soccer is over after this week.

Check it out

I finally got the video about John Green up. If you're interested, check it out here:
The week was spent with exams, parties, preaching and politicking. The weekend with reading Paper Towns and Graveyards. All in all it was pretty satisfying.
Since Beth posts awesome-type lyrics I'll just post my favorite of Shakespeare's sonnets her. God was that man brilliant. I might be able to go on a Grand Shakespeare Tour in England with my school this Januray. I wanna go very badly. Very, VERY badly. I'll shut up now and let good ol' William do the talking.

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips' red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask'd, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.


I just got a guinea pig last night! And she cost one dollar! And shes a baby! And I'm xcited!

Margo rules!

I feel the urge to quadruple post...

but, i figure one random weird song i like is enough for one day.
i know the seasons are changing when my hands begin to feel freezing-vampire hands!! makes it uncomfortable to type :-(
has anyone else been having trouble getting on the blog lately? the past couple days, it wont go to the google sign-in page. or am i the only one whos been on the past couple days?
ugh, i swear i am never, never ever even MENTIONING a guy i like in front of anyone ever again. (i think ive made that swear multiple times in the past, i never go through with it.) my family n the kids in my class (namely the irritating singing asian) have been driving me INSANE. it totally ruins a crush when some random guy offers to blackmail him into asking u out by bargaining with a stolen assignment book. so...if u dont hear anything from me on that front...that would be why.
ESP tonight!! its gonna be ssssssccccarrrrrrryyyyyy. (im talking about the haunted prison thingy.) sry u couldnt go, madison...i was kinda rushed when i called, they were waiting on me to see how many tickets they should get...haha, if i come in tomorrow dead tired n twitchy its probably because i had freakish nightmares about ghosts following me home and like, eating out my brains in my sleep.
its gonna be fuuunnnnn...

Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson (juno soundtrack)

loose lips might sink ships but loose gooses take trips
to san francisco, double dutch disco,tech tv hottie, do it for scotty
do it for the living and do it for the dead
do it for the monsters under your bed
do it for the teenagers and do it for your mom
broken hearts hurt but they make us strong and
we won't stop until somebody calls the cops
and even then we'll start again and just pretend that
nothing ever happened
we're just dancing, we're just hugging,
singing, screaming, kissing, tugging
on the sleeve of how it used to be
how's it gonna be?
i'll drop kick russell stover, move into the starting over house
and know matt rouse and jest are watching me achieve my dreams
and we'll pray, all damn day, every day,that all this shit our president has got us in will go away
while we strive to figure out a way we can survive
these trying times without losing our minds

so if you wanna burn yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna cut yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
and if you wanna kill yourself remember that I LOVE YOU
call me up before your dead, we can make some plans instead
send me an IM, i'll be your friend

shysters live from scheme to scheme and my 4th quarter pipe dreams
are seeming more and more worth fighting for
so i'll curate some situations, make my job a big vacation
and i'll say F*CK BUSH AND F*CK THIS WAR
my war paint is sharpie ink and i'll show you how much my shit stinks
and ask you what you think because your thoughts and words are powerful
they think we're disposable, well both my thumbs opposable
are spelled out on a double word and triple letter score
we're just dancing, we're just hugging,
singing, screaming, kissing, tugging
on the sleeve of how it used to be

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm still alive!!!

Hey guys!
I haven't been on the blog for so long (in case you haven't noticed it's been over a month) that anyone who hasn't seen me around would think i just up and died. (or maybe that i'm just a myth, imaginary friend, etc.)
but i am indeed still alive!
Anyway, my blog absence (can't spell much?) was because of the depressed mode i was in for quite a while there.
but im okay now.
mostly thanks to friday which was one of the best days i've had since school started. it was the entertainment production field trip, the pep rally, and homecoming. i got to hang out with all of you for a decent amount of time!!! and some other people that i looove/luuurve a lot because they are also amazing. ;-D Sophie, you were totally there in spirit (or maybe just in my head, u never know...)

So I just thought I'd pop in to say that.
I'm still plotting for my birthday (muah hahaha?). 12/05/08??? Anything going on that day i should know about that would steal my friends from the 4 hours of it being all about me? i certainly hope not! ;-)
Love yas!!!
<3 George

I have had this song in my head....

I blame Alex Day because he did a cover of it. But yeah.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've been kinda internet-dead lately, mostly due to me being whow-busy and not having any time time for anything at all. I'm not going to put the video until next week cause I'm missing an important prop. I did put up a video of the actual reading though (with a little appeareance of myself) so if you have the time/wish to see it... It's really just him reading and talking. it's funny. kind of.

Longview by Greenday (these are my weekends)(edited version)

Sit around and watch the tube,but nothing's on
Change the channels for an hour or two
Twiddle my thumbs just for a bit
I'm sick of all the same old s***
In a house with unlocked doors
And I'm f***ing lazy
Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored I'm going blind

Peel me off this velcro seat and get me moving
I sure as hell can't do it by myself

Barred indoors from the summer street
I locked the door to my own cell
And I lost the key
Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored I'm going blind

I got no motivation
Where is my motivation?
No time for the motivation
Smoking my inspiration
Sit around and watch the phone, but no one's calling
Call me pathetic, call me what you will
My mother says to get a job
But she don't like the one she's got

You're f***ing lonely
Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored
I'm going blind
And loneliness has to suffice
Bite my lip and close my eyes
I was slipping away to paradise
Some say,"Quit or I'll go blind."
But it's just a myth

btw...the Green Day cd I have is "1037 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours." I think i meant to tell someone that a really long time ago and forgot...

The Little Liar!!!!

He told me he wasn't going to the dance...
By the was everyone else's night? George said she had a pretty good time, but i didnt hear anyone else's stories...
I think I'll dye my hair red i've been saying i will for ages...

Friday, October 17, 2008

301 posts.

For those who are not going to homecoming rock on. Oh wait that just me. Never mind. I guess I am going to spend my Friday night sitting in reading. Which to tell the truth is perfect to me. I haven't had a weekend off.

I want a teacup pig. really really really bad. They are so flipping cute.
pigs Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, October 16, 2008

why do guys have to be so STUPID!!!

no offense, joe, but u know how it is. if i make a point of asking someone, while were alone, whether or not theyre going to the dance, and if they aren't but i am, that person SHOULD NOT!!! ask who i am going with. unless he was purposely trying to make me feel uncomfortable, i wouldn't put it past him...why do i always like weirdos?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Speaking of Haunted...

My family was talking about going to that penetentiary in philly...the abandoned one that's supposedly haunted, that was turned into a haunted house n runs tours every october. it would be awesome to go...its supposedly like, the 5th best haunted house in the country. really scary. times n stuff r an issue, cuz it's at night and we're a lil busy on weekends, but if anyone's interested, i think we were going for a "more the merrier" type thing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

feeling blah so i write, lol

well helo, ive been not posting for awhile, so, here i is again.
um, who trick o treatin in CH and whos in DT??

well beth i certainly like those songs you put up and actually the profile song aint bad if only it didnt start every time i enter the page. oh well thats what a mute buttons for lol.

yes um, i got back from my gradperents house in NC (that was all this weekend) and i return with almost finished playlists for those of you who asked. if you dont mind, if you are beth george please put three bands you LOVE and one you cant stand in a comment on this post just so i know i didnt hideously misjudge your musical tastes.

i have bad and good news, i will be leaving DIV soon i think because im so busy and it sucks up alot of brainpower and im bad at playing the kind of songs we play. i am however working together with some friends to get a band together that (gasp) just plays music for fun.

anyway, since im aperently obsessed with music while writing this post, heres my favorite emo lyrics of all time(yknow in case anyone likes depressing lyrics, lol):

I think its called 'this time eternal' or something like that, by afi.

I can not leave here I can not stay
Forever haunted, more than afraid
Asphyxiate on words iI would say
Im drawn to a blackened sky as I turn blue

anyway, speaking of haunted theres this awesome capture the flag that lighthouse youth group is putting on for the junior high and im dr. jekyll, so that will be awesome. madison is being a vampire (biiig surprise), and james is a zombie child lol.

peace out you guys, hope to see whoevers coming wednesday

I have paper towns too.

And went on a Ghost Tour. And Margo is so far my hero. Beware if you get a catfish. I am still reading then I am moving on to reading Let it Snow. After Let it Snow I will finish the Amber Spyglass. I know I have been putting that book off.

Today I relized that it's starting to look more autumnish. If you didn't know it's my favorite season of the four. It's just so slow and calm. Fresh. In the middle of Hot and Cold.



And I cheerleading lifted up a bookshelf for it!
And...went on a ghost tour

And whats with the random lyrics?

WIsh You Were Here by Pink Floyd

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell?
Blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell.

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees,
Hot air for a cool breeze,
Cold comfort for change.
And did you exchange
A walk-on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year.
Running over the same old ground,
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moving On by Good Charlotte

When I think about my life I wonder if I will survive
To live to see 25 or will I just fall?
Like all my friends, they just keep dying.
People round me, always crying.
In this place that I like to call my home.
Not everybody knows that everybody goes to a better place
Not everybody knows that everybody could be living their last days
But the hard times will come, and we'll keep moving on.
We're moving on. Keep moving on
On without the things we've lost but things we've gained we'll take with us.
And all I've got are these two hands to make myself a better man
I wonder if I'll ever see the end of this
With all this rain it just keeps falling
On my head and now I'm calling
Out to someone else to help me make it through
Not everybody knows that everybody goes to a better place
Not everybody knows that everybody could be living their last days
But the hard times will come, and we'll keep moving on.
We're moving on. Keep moving on
Some friends become enemies some friends become your family
Make the best with what you're givin
This ain't dying this is livin
Said were movin on and we've got nothin to prove
To anyone
Cause we'll get through
Were movin on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... Keep movin on
Some friends become enemies some friends become your family

Make the best with what you're givin This ain't dying! this is livin!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I just dropped my buttermilk and it's splashed all over my floor! Guess why. The last two seconds of the new twilight trailer! I don't wanna spoil anything for those of you who havent seen it yet but I just want to advise you, not to hold anything break-/splashable in your hands while watching.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slaking much?

Anybody notice that it's nine days into October and this is the fourth post. I know after I post this I am going to get the usual comments We see each other in school all the time we talk all the time. I kind of am sick of hearing that, I hardly see anyone other then Lauren.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chance for Change.

Barack Obama wants change. Kaiti wanted change. Were Barack hasn't made any changes I have. There is a new layout and a new song on the blog. I picked out both so give me feed back or links if you find a layout you like better. Also everybody's fonts are fine but Sophie's and George's. (yellow might not show up.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The night of Awesome

I went to see John Green yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was too awesome to be described with words, therefore a video will follow shortly - but I'm not sure if i manage to put it up today, cause there is an awful lot of cutting to do and I'm going to the Jason Mraz concert tonight and taking a plane to visit relatives tomorrow at 6 am. i'm not gonna be home for a week, so that's how long it might take.
That's why I want to give you some hard and central facts about the awesomest event in the history of events, right here&now:

I talked to John
I took pictures and videos of John
John hugged me
I met other nerdfighters - from the Netherlands
We read Papertowns to each other, which John gave us, till 2 am
I showed them around Berlin today

I'm still high on the Awesome.

If you get the chance GO TO A NERDFIGHTER EVENT!! It's SO worth it. There's one in Lancaster I think.

Love, Sophs

P.s: Watch John's next video.... you might find me in there
P.P.S: I'm back to my normal color again!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Next time EVERYONE decides to skip a club except for the person that offered a might be wise to let that person know. just for future reference.
and is anyone/everyone going to the renaissance fair this weekend? im not, ill probably go to the boat races in wildwood if anyone is interested. and to the library...not really expecting anyone to jump to go there with me tho, i was planning on being on the computer most of the time anyway... o, and anyone who might be interested in eventually doing a brisngr podcast, lemme know a time frame for when u might finish it, just in case i bring it up with justin when i go...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Notice to the left....

There is a new poll. As a admin./mod of this blog. I want to know what the members of the amoeba would like on the blog if it is a picture or a poll idea. A song you like. Anything that can be added. A new layout. It's all our blog and it should look the way all of use want to give me feedback in the comments and post on the poll what you want to see done. Loves you all.


We were tagged.

I have been tagged twice so I will be posting my answers on my personal blog. and on here in a bit.

I cant

Can YOU beat the spelling chicken?

Survey from Keri Mikulski

go to keri's blog to get the full explanation...tho it's sorta self-explanatory.

1. People tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
2. Tag 8 people to do this quiz. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person they were tagged by. Continue the game by sending it to other people.

1. What are your nicknames?
Squirrelly (only to Roberta), Beth
2. What do you do before bedtime?

shower, brush teeth, all that jazz.
3. What was the first movie you bought in VHS or DVD form?

uh, dont really buy movies...
4. What is your favorite scent?

haha...wood smoke, baking food (like cakes or a dinner i like), and rain
5. If you had a million dollars you could only spend on yourself, what would you do with it?
probably save it n not worry about college tuition or a house as much as i should normally
6. Share some recent good news.

yay! party tomorrow!
7. Do you trust easily?

yes, but then i think twice.
8. Do you generally think before you act or act before you think?

i think i do both at the same time, for the most part...then there's the times i think about something else while im doing something...
9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
distance between my friends.
10. Do you have a good body image?

11. What is your favorite fruit?

hm... well, it WAS kiwis. but im not big on picking favs.
12. What websites do you visit daily?

the blogs i follow, my email (well, almost daily)
13. What have you seriously been addicted to lately?

crushing. serioously trying to stop, im annoying myself supremely...
14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

a nice woman who has a take on life that i can usually relate to...
15. What is the last song that got stuck in your head?

either lauren's "voodoo child" or "thank you" by simple plan.
16. What is your favorite item of clothing?

dont really pick favs...
17. Do you think Rice Krispies are yummy?
theyre alright i guess
18. What would you do if you saw $100 on the ground?

try to see who it came from. if it was in school or something i would turn it in, but if it was just on the sidewalk i would just keep it.
19. What items could you not go without during the day?

chapstick, water bottle.
20. What should you be doing right now? hw maybe...

i shall tag lauren, kaiti, sophie, and the library, for those are the only other blogs i know. besides keri.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John is coming to BERLIN! ! ON A FREAKING WEDNESDAY?? Help me think of strategies to convince my parents to let me skip school!

And yes it's still red because I'm an EMOTIONAL BOMB right now!!


This is NOT fair!! He's so extremely nice and awesome and unpretentious and sweet and ... URGH! I was really optimistic about this! And I mean SERIOUSLY? I meet a nice guy, everything goes great, we hang out watching my favorite movie (I suggested Pirates, he suggested Pride and Prejudice, we ended up with Forrest Gump) - and then he is gay???? That's such a corny, stupid script!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! i'm so mad, i cant even really type anymore.And yes, the red is due to my rage.
This is so me. crushing on a gay guy. irony, anybody?

Monday, September 22, 2008

library podcast

i was talking to justin via blog comments, and he said he wants us 2 do another podcast when we get the chance. he said george's idea of doing it on Brisngr was a good one, so i said we would all have to read it first. he's also accepting book reviews, as always...(soph, go to and listen to the Teen Podcast #1. it's us.) so, anyone who reads the inheritance trilogy should think about doing a podcast for the library...
on the subject of everyone planning on going trick-or-treating? i was thinking maybe we could go to the library party, but if u'd rather not, i'd rather not go alone. but maybe we could trick-or-treat as a group through court house, like last year, n stop in on the library party? just a thought. oo, i need a costume idea...i was trying to think of practical applications for a snowflake costume, but couldnt come up w/ any...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh my...

Look what i discovered in my mall:

The American Food section. I'm going to be broke within a week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Madison and I won't be able to party this weekend as we're headed up to her relatives' house in PA.
I know you all know this but just a reminder.

I am sorry I'm a grouch at youth group. usually I am worried about math the next day or irritated at various people present.

I hope you all have fun this weekend

Best regards

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Popped in my head...

This book is so awesome I can do anything
This book is so awesome I am the potions king
Did you hear that Half blood Prince
I said I was the king
Can you hear me Professor Snape
I can make anything.
This book is so awesome....

By Harry and The Potters.

He's not gay

I was just told so by someone who I trust more than those people who told me he was gay. Plus I got the roommates mixed up. Stupid naive me.
i'm not sure whether or not I'm excited about this. Gay guyfriends pwn, they're just so uncomplicated... on the other hand... he is quite a nice lad. But he wouldnt be into me anyway, so that shouldnt really matter.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I was looking and found this.

For anyone who doesn't know it's a post card sent in to postsecret. It's a project book thing were you send in your secrets of any type in on a post card. They have copies of Post Secret at the Library so go check them out if you like the idea.

Pink EYE!

The Pink eye is official. Left eye pink eye. Thank you Doctor I could have told you there. I begged my mom to let me stay home today but for the next three days I have eye drops ever 2 hours. fun fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I moved

my blog moved. From caboodlesofspaz to

Check it out!

I just met a freakishly nice guy

and spent an hour with him at lunch, where he saved me heroically from becoming an evil russian girl's appetizer. i was pretty excited about this
Then i realized that he is gay and possibly in a relationship with his roommate.

Story of my life

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It hurts!


I have seen my doom, and it is scary beyond belief. And kinda smells like socks. THE ELDERLY VERSION OF LAUREN WAS SEEN TODAY. How did I know? I walked up to her and asked her if I could help with anything, only to notice that she was standing alone petting a peach.

But they are fuzzy, so I understand what goes on in E.L.'s brain

Saturday, September 13, 2008


IM WORKING ON IT! I can't have a party this month because I am working. And have school. So maybe next month. Or on my birthday. But not now...

And btw TEAM LIMO. Because we all remember the pumpkin smashing incident. And how people inviting people for you doesn't exactly work out as planned. But maybe I just have horrible luck. Idk

Slightly less boring than school

I have something I need you guys' help with.

I've been talking to my parents and they want me to decide what i'm doing for my birthday. i didn't even know i was having a party until yesterday. anyway, they said some possible ideas could be to rent a place and have a dance-type thing where i can invite everyone i know OR to rent a limo and take only my closest friends to see a show in Atlantic City or Philly (sorry, no New York).
As much as i like the dance idea, i dont think i'd be able to get enough people to come.
If i'm having my party this year (as apposed to the beginning of 2009), possible dates are either the weekend before Thanksgiving break or the weekend before Christmas break.

So, I really need you guys' opinions on these plans. let me know what you think of the party choices i have right now or give me some new ideas that i could mention to my parents. also, what do you think of the possible dates?
Help me out here guys, you know how INDECISIVE i am!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I realized something today...The blog is very boring. But mainly because school is boring. And work is boring. And then I realized that I've died. As in, because of my fear of internet dial up, I haven't been on AT ALL.
So I have a sekrit. Yes, it isnt spelled that way. We all talk like we dont see each other (Sophie excluded because she is being awesome in Germany and we are having soph withdrawl). It makes me sad, even though it kinda cracks me up. In a strange way. Where is the randomness? Where is the eggo waffle stalking and mandarin orange eating? WHERE IS THE KID WITH THE UNDERWEAR ON HIS HEAD DANCING THE CHA CHA SLIDE?!?!?


now im driving myself crazy trying to remember what song it was! need to write these things down!
i wonder if there even was a song. that would be so like just KNOWING that i had to call george last night but not knowing why, then i realized it was really kaity i had to call...haha.

The Blog

I see what everyone means about the blog dying out a bit...but maybe this is just cuz we mostly know what we're all doing every day and it isnt very exciting?
I have no plans for the weekend, as of yet, tho i need to talk to my boss to see if im working. I kinda hope i am, because i lent my twilight to a turkish girl that wont be in the country for much longer...
today in exploratory we made PB&J sandwichs at each other's instructions and cracked up laughing at the stupid mistakes/leavings out/jelly flinging everywhere/etc. Several of the boys had about 5 sandwichs, cuz no one wanted theirs...soon we'll start the real class tho.
and...not much else going on (that im willing to post about, anyway, haha). so, i shall go, and check the retarded teen ink emails i got, and look up song lyrics (i 4get which song, but im sure itll come back to me soon.)
ttyl, yall

Secrets, Literature, Candlelight and Caves

So yesterday my Politics Class went to the State Parliament. We watched elected, well-payed representatives of the people insult and yell at each other like ill-educated preschoolers and then we had a long dicussion with the president of parliament, where we kinda attacked him... a lot. But we were way more polite and content-oriented than the members of parliament, so.
The whole point of the story is something completetly different though. On the trainride, we randomly came to talk about the Dead Poets Society and I was like: Hey, why dont we start something like that? Especially seeing we're a boarding school and all
And then the girl across from me said: Well, i'm part of a club that is kinda like that. But it's sort of a secret... I can take you the next time.
Can you imagine how excited I got? So apparently they meet at night in a cave in the woods where they read poems and literature or stuff they wrote themselves. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It's just like the Dead Poets Society!!
I was totally filled up with bounciness due to this when we got back to campus. But that's when it got even crazier.
There was a note on my door with my name written on it and a very beautiful poem from the point of view of a girl that died somehow. On the back there was written "What happened to me? Come to the the blackboard (there's this huge blackboard in one of the hallways) at 7:30pm"
All of this was in English. Which made me guess that it was coming from the American Literature Club for which I gad signed up, but seriously? Which school club club would do something that awesome?! So I went to the blackboard and it turns out I had been right. The club is just really that awesome. Everyone got different poems, which by the way come from the "Spoonriver Anthology" one of my favorite poetry collections, and together they were a puzzle that told a story. The people are interesting. Everything is discussed in English. The projects we will work on are things like an E.A. Poe themed Halloween party, and last but not
least: Our next meetings are gonna be held in the attic of an unused wing, the "duke-house". !!!!!
So I'm in two really awesome-seeming literature clubs now. I have dreamed my ENTIRE LIFE
of having a literature club! Even before I was able to read!
AAHHH! This is making me so excited, that i had to ramble on about it in a huge post!!!

Gotta go and read now... Bye!!!!

By the way: could it be, that the blog is getting less lively? What happened to commenting and posting random things? and what happened with Lauren? oh, if you read this lauren: i'm sending your letter this weekend. sorry that I'm such a pen-turtle

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I haven't been posting on here anything to exciting other then pictures. To tell the truth that is because I have little to say right now. Nothing has been happening other then Lauren and I hanging out. I post mostly on my personal blog thats were you can read most of whats going on in my head. I love when I get comments on there to tell the truth. I will try and post on here more but for now you can pretty much find me there.

Scabbers' story part II

Just letting you know: The mouse has been caught and set free into the garden. And my room has been nearly destroyed in the process. But oh well. I have to give lots of credit to foxi, who assisted awesomly, without even touching scrabbers. And he looked adorable while doing it, too.

keri milulski'e sep. contest

what television show are you excited to watch? Or if you're not a television junkie, what's your favorite thing about the month of September?

Here are the contest rules:
1. To enter to win the above mentioned three books, leave a comment about the television show you are most excited about or your favorite thing about September.
2. The contest ends at midnight on September 30, 2008 and the winner will be posted on October 1st, 2008. My daughter or dog will pick the winner. :)
3. The contest is open to everyone. Don't be shy my writer friends. :)
4. If you post the contest on your blog or MySpace, you automatically receive two entries. Last month's winner was a poster. :)


So i finally got a reply from that email i sent to Chris J.

Hey Girl!
Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well and thanks for the kind words... check out the new video on Monday!

urgh..."hey girl" ? i told him what my name was...he couldnt even answer the question i asked!!
at least he wrote back...

My new pet

It's a mouse. It's living in my room. Fix brought it in yesterday night - at 1 am. I made him let go of it and bam: it immediately ran into my room. Of course it's perfectly healthy too, because Fix never kills his mice. He just kinda treats them like the toy-mice we always give him: Carries them around, plays a little - he never hurts them intentionally but being carried around in a mouth with sharp teeth tends to be a little damaging for your health...
Anyway, the poor little thing is hiding somewhere in my room now, which by the way looks like a warzone due to me chasing it all night and morning. Have you ever tried to catch a mouse with your bare hands? It's not fun, let me tell you. It takes for ever to find a tiny little mouse in a stuffed room in the first place, but even if you do find it somehow - it's just way too fast. And able to run to places you can't reach.

I already tried to make Fix&Foxi catch her for me, but not even they were succesful. After a very exciting morning, they just kinda gave up. I can't let them in my room unsupervised now, which annoys them too.

Since I can't tell when this mouse-affair will be over, I've decided to name the little thing. I was thinking Scabbers or Fridolin (you pronounce it Freedoleen). Any other suggestions? I would also be really grateful if anybody could tell me what to feed a mouse, since I don't want it to die because 1) that would be very sad and 2) i'd like to avoid a rotting corpse at some unknown place in my room. I put bread at random spots, but she (i've decided I need some ostrogene-type support in my household, so it's become a girl) didn't touch it, instead she prefered old newspapers. i think I can actually hear her nagging on something under my desk right now... i should go.

Love, Sophie

Friday, September 5, 2008


ok guys i know beth mentioned this, idk if any of the rest of you (george and soph particularly) would want me to burn a cd with new music if your collections getting stale :P
i got punk, indie, alternative, classic rock, electronic, gothic, metal, hardcore, 60's, pop/rock, and a load of other stuff, so dont hsitate to ask if your still interested.

Lauren PARTY!
(just not the weekend of the twentieth) well actually im not stopping you just wont be able to be there then lol.

Soph you will be getting a package from me and madison sometime after we finish it if you want anything particular just let me know.

oh yeah and madison and megan are almost in the band, just gotta talk to brandon about it

cya guys (girls, vegetables, robots, etc.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twilight Stuff

On steph meyer's site, they have now posted the playlist for "midnight sun" (well that was posted along with the leak, but lots of ppl didnt notice) and also a FAQ for BD (not the same one kaiti posted, some questions r similar but some r completely new.)
Just thought u might like 2 know.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Being the cleaning lady's daughter has its perks

So i sometimes go to help ma clean the condos or houses that she does on the side, cuz she really doesnt like doing it by herself and i can use the spare cash. So today she takes me to do a house that she's been talking about for a while. So we're driving down avalon and im thinking about towing, cuz we passed the dock we go off of. And i realize all those huge houses that we like to look at and pick out from the boat are the ones to our left. So im thinking, im gonna laugh if we turn left and go to one of those houses.
We turned left. when we get to the house, first thing i do is go on the back porch and look back at the house from the dock, to see if it looks familiar. sure enough, i definitely recognized it. if i get to go towing again, ill point it out to u.
anyway, the house was pretty awesome.its 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, porches everywhere looking out on the was the type of rich old lady's house that has an elevator and dozens of knick-knacks and oriental rugs that, combined, are probably worth more than all the furniture in my house (which isnt really saying much, considering we occasionally get furniture out of other ppl's garbage....) but anyway, u get the point. the entire 3rd floor was the master bedroom. The master bath was about the size of one of ur bedrooms (smaller than mine, but mines a ginormous attic room...). The master closet was alice- sized. and mostly empty...
the one detail u guys would have loved, tho, would be incredibly insignificant to most people...see, i now know what i would look like if i had a mind-controlling alien inside my brain. in two of the bathrooms, there were these mirrors/ light fixtures. the light went around the outside of the mirror, and it was completely circular. when you went up close to the mirror, you could see, going right around ur pupils, a glowing silver ring that was the reflection of the light. now, u KNOW what that reminded me of.
anyway, the whole thing reminded me of good charlotte's "lifestyles of the rich and famous..." but the owner seemed pretty nice...she owns a car dealership or something. this was just her summer house. she has 3 others. and this was her small one.
anyway, rant over for now i think. im so jittery about tomorrow...burning my tongue on chamomile tea...not cool that im starting to get a cold just now...anyway, i think ill go now. i think i have everything set up for tomorrow...ugh! gotta go zone out to nirvana and maybe fall asleep sometime...hopefully not waking up at 3:30 once again....

A couple things

So I havent posted in a while. Here's some babbling about the past few days.

1.) RevGen: AHHH! It was A M A Z I N G! I have this intense addiction to Skillet now. I've had the CD on repeat. I'm still listening to it. Creepy right? Yeah next time (if there is a next time, i hope there is) I'll know all the words. I hate going to a concert where i dont know all the songs. TobyMac was the only one i knew that well. I've been listening to Kutless too but not as much as Skillet.
Surprisingly and thankfully I didnt have nightmares about Flyleaf's bass player even though SOMEONE put some very disturbing images in my head! (Joe!)
Yay! I got to talk to Sophie on the phone!
And we got to see peoples from school that i hadnt seen all summer!
Yum, giant breadstick.

It was a very good day!

But now my face is peeling from the sunburn. I'm gonna be peely going back to school ewwww.

2.) Guess what i did Sunday!!!
I went to see The Rocker! Wooooo! And it actually didnt suck as bad as i thought it would be! yes! I mean, it wasnt funny and there were parts that made me wince and want to cover my brother's ears but it was ok. there were two things that made it bearable. 1. Teddy Geiger. 2. The drummer dude "Fish" actually had a personality aside from being completely insane and a wild party animal. He's very good with the kids in the band. My favorite part was when Curtis (Teddy) was all depressed because they couldnt get a gig and Fish took him for a car ride and blasted their music. it was nice.
And you know what else is nice? Teddy Geiger played an emo kid. and let me tell you, he makes a HOT emo kid!!! *drool* He had a few bad*** scenes which were pretty awesome. Like when he totally told off the band's jerky manager.
the end of the movie was so corny. and you know how i love corny.
Ahh... ;-)