Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who Will Win....

what a lovely day

well after getting up grumpy cuz james and dad were talking right outside my door and getting yelled at cuz i was being rude i guess and then james deleting my almost completed long narration about rev gen, im just  ^#%*!& happy.   sigh..
im sorry about that.

anyway rev gen was awesome but il wait for george or madison to tell you bout it.

sophie im sorry my phone died, we love you and would never just hang up.

lauren, we missed you!!!!!!!! get well soon!

peace guys,

Saturday, August 30, 2008

While u were all at a concert without me....

I was working. Getting mad a southerners for asking about alcohol and the price of tobacco (dont they know these things before they come to NJ??). Explaining to a 20-year-old Turkish girl what a condom is. And trying to avoid having hysterics while doing so. And getting mad at the lady who decided to make her cheese sandwich at our counter, and go through her mail (apparently we have really good cheese. better than wawa's.) And getting Adam a library book (which he still hasnt thanked me for...). O, and dont forget the cleaning.
so, that was my day. at least I made im expecting to hear all about ur day, of course.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm pretty sure our blog's clock is off by 3 hours. it said my last one was posted at 6:13, but it was 9:13...and somehow i doubt kaiti was up and posting at 7:38 am...dunno if anyone cares, just so u know..

Midnight Sun

So idk if im the first to find out, but i randomly decided to go to steph meyers site n found out that there was an online leak of a partial draft of Midnight Sun. If u wanna know more, go 2 the site. Steph says shes so upset about it shes decided to put writing the real thing on hold, since right now shes in the mood to have james win and killl off all the cullens. but she said to be fair to her patient readers, she posted the leak on her site.
MY problem: its on adobe reader. adobe reader rarely works on my computer. :-(. need...midnight...sun...even if its partial...wah...


No soccer until Tuesday afternoon. And today wasn't that bad. They did not mkae me do the indian run because I still wasn't feeling good but I walked the whole time during it. That was sweet of them.

Okay to loves I have been listening to Alex Day's free downloaded CD Nerimania! and it has to be the best CD I have ever listened to. Sophie I will have to send you the link or something I know you too are an Alex Day fan girl. I have an addiction now.

I haven't seen any pictures on this blog in a long time. A blog is not a blog without pictures. Everybody keep talking and NO pictures. (Don't get mad I like reading the blog but I like pictures)

Look into the Vortex

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hey guys i just got back from the Dying In Vain concert. It was pretty good even though Joe wasn't there. The old singer seemed to be giving me dirty looks but oh well. Andi and April went. April now is in love with Brandon, which i don't really like. Especially since she has a boyfriend. She got so excited when i told her that Brandon was coming to our school. Ryan isn't coming to Rev Gen but Ray Ray and Judi are which should be awesome. I bought a shirt from the other band that was playing. They were Ugly Girls crying. They were pretty good. I still need to get a Dying In Vain shirt. I'm really excited about Rev Gen. Oh and speaking of which, i'm wearing the shirt that Joe, George and Beth picked out, my jean tights, and converse. Yes for those of you that have seen them, I'm actually going to wear them. I miss you guys so much! I will see some of you Saturday, some Wednsday, and one hopefully sometime next summer! I love you all!

Once upon a time....

There was a little girl who went to soccer practice, she was never the same again.

okay so I hate soccer right now. I have from tomorrow after practice until Tuesday of no soccer. It's going to be amazing. I have a feeling it will be spent watching an extra amount of Doctor Who and reading.

Lauren, your fantastic. Brilliant even.
(Rose you where fantastic, and so was I)


Last day of work for the year. It was a good day. The library people took me out to lunch and gave me this adooorable Roxy purse filled with goodies such as hand sanitizer that smells amazing, a booklight, notepads, a bookmark, and book earrings which are possibly the most awesome. The librarians all wrote a little message in the earrings. I feel special.

Now I have the last few days of summer break to relax, finish reading for school, and see people one last time.

Madison, Joe, Lauren: I'll see you on Saturday!

Beth: I'll see you Tuesday probably.

Today was a good day. I have Lit-Write later. I'm listening to Jason Mraz's new CD "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things".

~Content George


So finally i decided on just acting. Everyone (except sophie :-( ), ur invited to my house for dinner or w/e on tuesday night. not gonna be a late night or sleepover or anything, being the day b4 school starts, but i just wanted 2 see u guys. some of u ive told already...ive also invited kaity dunlevy n andi. If anyone is planning on coming, let me know. Ill figure out times ppl can b here/have 2 leave later, when ma lets me know...
saw Mamma Mia 2day. not great, funny but 2 many half naked guys 4 my enjoyed it. kinda random...
wanna c u guys...ttyl, i guess....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, the talking thing is a two way deal. But whatever...I have to work on Thursday and Friday so I can't party :(

And I still have reading lists to do. And college applications. And lotsa stuff
So I also have to watch Doctor Who. And hug Bubbles.

not cool...

meh...u know that cute guy ive been talking about all summer...the one i ASSUMED was around my age...u know the one. it turns out...HE'S 18!!! not cool. what decent 18 year old guy would look twice at a 14 year old girl...unless somehow he doesnt realize im only 14...but thats a long shot. urgh...
anyway, rant over. hopefully...
i still really want to get people over sometime. tonight, tomorrow night, or the day before school starts maybe? PLEASE comment and tell me if your busy! its the freakin' least u can do, considering some of u havent even TALKED to me this summer! and since i wont be going to revgen, i wont even see u all there...c'mon, guys.

Monday, August 25, 2008


aight heres the site you guys.

if you go to  you will see one of my poems displayed proudly under editors choice right as you go to the page!!  so i advise you do that and then click on my name under the text.
or if you dont get to it before the editor finds a better text (or jut a newer one) 
heres the site:

i forgot about the party!

anyone who will not be in the state for this week...this doesnt really apply to u, tho we wish it would.
Ok, so since i probably wont be going to RevGen, and that was probably going to be the only time I was gonna see most of you together before school starts, I would like to suggest a party. Just hanging out, or to have dinner or something...this wednesday or thursday night? any female who has no work the next day would be allowed to sleep over...ill probably invite kaiti dunlevy too, dont think there's anyone else outside of the amoeba blog i would invite...lemme know if im forgettin someone.


WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! was spazzing all day...trying to keep a straight face...hahaha. A guy gave me a flower this morning :-D(not the guy from the store, haha, a different guy. Store guy hasnt been working lately, tho he did come in to shop today...) So this guy, who is a friend of mine, shows up at my house so I go to talk to him for a few minutes n he says, "o i was picking flowers for my mom, u want one?" it was so cute :-D or am i reading too much into it? i dont think so...anyway, when he left n i went inside i was skipping around my room with the same sort of face that george had on while dancing w/ rayray, or madison's "glowing" face...then i realized at the same time just how absolutely ridiculous i looked and that i had to leave for work right then. so i laughed at myself n left...haha.

while driving home from work, me n ma were trading stories. In the store I heard all these rumors about this other convenience store in SH...apparently a cop had his gun drawn and wasnt letting anyone inside. no one knows why. but in the same day, the 30-year-old son (or grandson?) of the store had a heart attack while surfing and died. o, and some old lady got hit by 2 cars at once and walked away absolutely fine...Ma's story was about a body washing up at her boss's house today. he was alive, he had fallen out of a kayak n had a seizure or soemthing...
anyway, while trading these stories we hit a seagull. some guy had been feeding the bird. while it was in the middle of the road. how he managed that, i cannot figure out, because his house was on the opposite side of the highway from the the moral of the story is, if you feed the birds they will get hit by a car. so dont feed them.

Anger... Mostly

I probably won't get to see The Rocker in theaters since it's only playing in the theaters near the shore mall and the hamilton mall. And no one loves me enough to take me. So I'll probably have to wait like 6 months till i can buy it for like $25 on Amazon! This makes me VERY ANGRY! You guys know how much I've begged and pleaded to go. Yes, I know the movie probably sucks big time. My arguement to that is simply: Teddy Geiger.
I haven't been to see a movie all summer. and the summer is going to end that way. Grrr!

Sophie, I'm glad boarding school is off to a good start. I look forward to hearing more about it.

RevGen ppl: What time to we have to be at the church? like, what time do we leave exactly?

People i didnt see this weekend, I miss you terribly and will give you a bear hug when i see you.


Ooh! And the beach trip was amazing! It has been waaay too long since i had that much fun.


haha, just watched a critic on TV trash The Rocker. Maybe not a good movie, G, but Teddy Geiger's part seems to be the best character, haha...I'll still watch with you if we ever get the chance.
Still dunno about RevGen...I should probably decide by tomorrow morning, at least, so i can let my boss know...Joe says it's amazing (well actually he said amaing but I think that's what he meant, haha.) but I'm still not sure...not sure if I'll be allowed, either.
Joe, the link didn't come up on your post...and u know we wanna read ur lyrics. haha, were gonna be on u till it shows up. or at least i will.
Soph, I'm sure we'll still be able to talk sometimes, even if it is just weekends or whatever :-(.
And soon I shall have to go and make French toast for a Turkish girl (again). Byes....

I'm at boarding school!!

Since yesterday!! There was a big, formal immmatriculation ceremony for al the newlings in the school's beautiful cathedral. Everything here looks so gorgous that it literally takes my breath sometimes. My room is nice and so is my roommate. And all the other people, for that matter. But they are very GERMAN. I have never gone to school with germans before and I gotta say that it is kinda weird. The other new girl in my class is called Sophie, too and she too just spent a year in America! She's really great and it's cool to have someone to share these experiences with.
What I actually wanted to say: The only internet acces here consists in 6 computers in the main building, which are pretty slow and dodnt even allow youtube. So dont get mad if it takes long for me to answer your emails or comments or if i just disappear for a while. I try to get on here as often as possible, but i just dont have the access anymore, that I used to have.
The best way to keep in touch might actually be to mail. like paper-ink-type mailing. We can send and receive stuff here and it takes only 2-3 days for letters to cross the atlantic. We also have a non-cell phone in our hallway, but we can only get called and not call from it. But i#ll figure something out. i will probably go home every weekend, but next weekend I have to stay here.
i love you all and miss you terribly,

PS: Lauren!!! i got your letter right before I left!! Thx so much!! Coco now decorates my wall.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

im going to maine

well you guys already know that, but still i will say again thanks you guys for hanging out with me some before i go away!
the beach was great ryans peanut man/woopie goldberg/brandon/brandon's new girlfriend  was hilarious.  oh yeah and dont forget the steps of hate descending into the pit of angst. 
and the mall, thanks george and beth for tolerating me while i got my t shirts at hot topic :P  Madison loved her vest/shirt, thanks guys!

I will miss you all while im away, have fun at rev gen!

if any of you want to read some of the songs ive written then heres the site  hopefully it links there.
just keep in mind if you think who its about your probably wrong except the recent ones ;)
oh yeah and im not literal all the time either so, yeah.

peace out guys


yea, im sorta starting to doubt that i would even WANT to go to this concert thing...i asked josh about it, and he told me we leave at 7:30ish and get back around midnight. That's a freakin' long day. And I read over the flyer thing that Lauren sent out, it sounds very...worship-y. Ma's tryin to get me not to go again, i think...but u guys to remember that i'm not even Christian, right? totally uncomfortable with the whole preachy thing...So just how bad is it gonna be? I assumed it would be similar to the Switchfoot concert we went to but bigger, but that's not really what it's sounding like. some of u have gone to this before, right?
those of u who went to the sandcastle thingy last night, how was that?! i would soo have rather been there than work, we were busy n Ulku was in a bad mood, n I broke a container of OJ all over me and the fridge n had to reach under the shelf from inside with a broom with a rag on the end to clean it up, having turkish girls and bosses laugh at me the entire time...luckily the cute guy was off last night, haha.
O, one mroe thing...whatever happened to each of us having our own color n font to post in? ppl have been switching it up, kinda confusing me ;-). dont care too much, just saying...

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was getting back to all the crap I missed over the past week. I was on myspace when I saw a post by Liane of the Fiveawesomegirls. She also plays Wrock. Well she is looking to book shows. I send her a message about how we are trying ot get Lauren and Nina to play for us. She said that if Justin would have her come she would not turn down playing for us. I think that would be awesome. Liane's music is amazing. So I sent Justin a email and I hope he talks to Liane. If she comes too we so have to get people to come to the show.


I back

You know you missed me and my many posts. So I am home. I will be talking about camping in my personal blog and maybe a little in here later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Random question:

Does anyone else wonder why we randomly have Google ads now???

I'm moving to Washington Depot, Conneticut

Just letting you know. It might take some years, but eventually I will get there. It's right at Route 47, so we could visit each other all the time. Also, it's very close to Boston (which I love) and to New Haven, so my kids could choose between Harvard and Yale and still stay close to home. It's perfect. The main reason though, is that the location of Gilmore girls , Stars Hollow, is based on it. Stars Hollow is amazing. And that's all I have to say to that.
All I did in the last two days was watching Gilmore Girls -DVDs. This is what I've learned: You cannot watch too much Gilmore Girls. It's physically impossible.
ok, I lied. I did something other than watchng DVDs. I started packing. It's a very scary process, mostly because it means facing ALL MY CRAP. Plus, it's difficult. I don't know what to take and what to leave. Every shift of awesome things means that one of my homes will get a little less awesome. urgh.

About parts 3 and 7 of my 6-part-post:

3. Just repeating my Kafka-book club suggestion. If anyone wants to participate, just leave a comment and I'll send you an author's invite for my blog. Here's one of Kafka's most famous stories, if you're interested. It's also there, if you're not interested.

7. I knew I wanted to do seven parts! Now I finally remembered what part seven was: Thanks to lauren, I downloaded the twilight trailer from itunes. Now I can watch it 24/7 in HD!!!!!!! Sososososo awesome. thx Lauren.

I made a new video.
Tomorrow I'm leaving for boarding school. oh. my. god.

Ah, i love you. I shall post/email/message /write you as soon as I can, to let you know I'm still alive. I also will if I'm dead.


Pathetic? Who, you?

Ok, George especially knows of my pathetic-ness of this summer, so don't even talk to me about that! it's sooo not pathetic to miss each other, so would u stop your self-pitying whining? ok, i guess thats a little hypocritical, because of how pathetic ive been calling myself lately, but it's completely unrelated.
Anyway, sorry I haven't posted much lately. Or read. I would have commented about the last 2 posts but i was working...ugh. anyway, friday should be awesome! water park with the group...or a lil part of it anyways. I asked my boss about having the concert off, and i THINK ill be able to least he seemed receptive about it. he didn't tell me no. yoga and writing class should be pretty empty today huh? everyones away...well ill still come to both anyway. cya there, george...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just as pathetic

I miss everyone sooo much.

Kaiti, Madison, and Lauren are all away/busy this week.

I feel abandoned.

Luckily Beth is around or else i might cry. We are going to the movies Thursday afternoon/night to see The Rocker. I invited Andi so maybe she'll join our small get-together. Joe, if you're not busy you could come with us if you want. and if you do, i promise i'll try not to be as much of a fangirl as i usually am about you-know-who! ;-) i was just thinking about what you said about the Twilight movie; how you dont want to see it with us the first time because we'll all be squealing.

Lauren, you totally should have that party you mentioned. and also, ive established that our phones hate each other. every time we talk, we get disconnected. why can't our phones just get along?

Anyway, if you're reading this, talk to me so i dont feel like this whole post was me slightly talking to myself... ;-)

rather pitiful i suppose

yeah..this is the second post by me in a row.

Heres the story.

George i havent seen you in forever and lauren i havent seen you for awhile, beth i saw you recently but whatever, sophie hopefully il see you next summer, and madison and kaiti are away.
i miss you guys, seriously i wont see the ameoba-ites until school starts and since i have seen you so little during this summer i am even more depressed. it doesnt help that ryans to busy to hang and jordan is working every day, and ive been entertaining small relatives for a week almost. oh yeah the whole point being, this coming saturday and sunday and friday aaaand monday i am free so somebody have a party already! lol

i just feel stuck in my house with small children.
trapped you could say.

cya guys


Saturday, August 16, 2008

music sturff

yay! lauren! you did remind everyone!
yeah seriously its the awesome-est big concert in the are other than creation, the warped tour and ozzfest (if you wanna drive forever).
theres one stage for pop/rock and another for hardcore/alternative/awesomeness(guess where i'll be)
so theres something for everyone, plus band tshirts (drool, need more..) and crap like that.
yeah im psyched!

oh yeah and theres a big concert up in philly at the electric factory that my dad is taking everyone who wants to go to. sp far its me james, madison and jordan. call me or contact me if your interested! and il put a reminder at the end of september.
the bands are gaslight anthem (they sound like the killers and matchbox 20 put in a blender, alkaline trio ( like green day or blink 182 but dark sounding) thrice (hard to describe), and Rise against (awesome and cool total headbang music). i figure noone wants to go cuz its not you guys type of music, but hey..

ok off to the beach, cya all,
peace out guys,


I posted this on my personal blog too with a long post but it's the perfect icon for the camping trip.

Just in Case

In Case Nobody has found otu yet, Twilight is coming out 3 weeks earlier then it was expected to be. It comes out November 21st. i'm so excited. i just wanted to share that with everybody before I leave for camping. Oh and I might be going to Rev Gen I just have to check with Josh first. I love you!

This post comes in six sections:

1. the other day, dad and I watched a satire about a guy getting lost in the criminal world of Potsdam, a smalltown right next to Berlin. It was basically a hunt between various types of mafia, prostitutes and car-thiefs. Naturally, after watching that, we really felt like going there. So we did. And it was awesome. We took a walk on one of the lakes went into some castles and I worked on my project for awesomeness, to which I shall dedicate a video some time.

2. My friend Selina and I started a new collective-diary. basically, we just write our diary in a notebook, which we exchange regularly. We have been doing that for three years now (with a ten month break due to america), filling seven notebooks and I gotta say: it's totally awesome. Most of our life over the past years is documented in there and it's so much fun to read them. Also, it's a great way to communicate and keep in touch. I really recommend it. But concerning this blog (which is kinda similiar to the diary-project), it also made me realize, that there is a huge difference between having somerhing on a screen and having something that you can actually, physically touch. So here's my suggestion - I think somebody once mentioned something like that before: Let's look for a way to make this blog into a book. maybe print it out and bind it, or something. we could do it for some special occasion, like on the blog's 1st anniversary or New Year's or so. The blog is such an amazing Amoeba - document, and wouldn't it be really cool if some day, when we are all old and wrinkly and google inc. has long been destroyed by viruses, we would have something to show to our kids or on Madison&Joe's 50th wedding anniversary, or just to look at by ourselves , and remember what crazy little buggers we once were? Just a thought...

3. The Kafka- book club. The easiest place to use would probably be my personal blog. Just leave a comment and I'll send you an author-invitation. We can discuss all the details here.

4. I found out where and with whom I will live in boarding school! The room is right next to the internet - room! So I will be able to keep emailing you and posting ridiculously long posts! YAY!

5. Right before going to bed yesterday, I checked on the vlogbrothers channel and there was a new video, posted one (!!!!) minute earlier. I was the very first person to watch it! I know, it's pretty sad, that I get excited over something like that. But still.

6. I will finish this humungus post now, because a friend should arrive any minute to start The Great
Gilmore Girls Marathon with me. Ah Gilmore Girls. My idols, my inspiration.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Justa Thought

I am all packed for the airshow. But I freaked about how many socks I had packed (This seemed like a bigger problem in my head) and unpacked everything to check. As I was taking inventory, I realized...I forgot to pack pants. That would have been really interesting.

And I cant go to yoga. Again. Because I will be in Atlantic City for awhile. I am a horrible committer to yoga and such.

And the youthgroup is going to a concert on Sat August 30th...its an all day thing and has alot of awesome bands playing and only costs like 30-40 dollars or something. So, is anyone going? Because I have amoeba withdrawl

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Fantastic Ramblings on Kaitlyn.

That's right. Part Two if my blogging for the day. Everybody loves two post in one day. I know I do.

So those of you who read my personal blog might know that a few weeks ago I was very upset about a movie. Starting this man

It is called Casanova. It's a mini series. If you know know what that means and you are dying to know look it up on wikipedia or something. But I ordered the movie because I missed the last ten minutes of it when I was watching it on the computer. and this did deeply upset me. I got my copy in the mail today. So I just finished watching it and I have to say David Tennant is so BRILLIANT in this movie. There is a lot of sex so if you are a person with a g to pg 13 rated mind this is not a movie for you.

It tells the life story of Casanova. I have an urge to go out and buy a copy of Casanova's autobiography and read it. Which kind of breaks my tradition on studying famous English Writers and everything because Casanova is Italian.

Anywho. This is a long rambling post I warned you in the headline.
My bags are packed. I just have to fill my little backpack with the small things I need. Toothbrush ect.

Ew. Its almost Midnight

So I came home from another productive auction. But there were no camel saddles this time...(MINE!!!). So to amuse myself, I was randomly running around, humming the mission impossible theme and muttering suspiciously when people looked at me funny. And I CANNOT tell the difference between goats and sheep apparently, though to my credit, it was a freakishly hairy goat.
And next week, I will be away. Being Lauren, and watching airplanes fly around. But, in case you didnt know, I get bored very easily. So I shall text you. And possibly send loving chain texts that make you feel all happy until it decided to tell you that YOU WILL DIE if you dont send it to 1000000000000 people in the next 5 minutes. So I am dead. er. More dead than I was before. And now I'm rambling, so....
Anyways, I MISS YOU GUYS! Like a fat kid misses cake. If he stops eating. Or goes to fat kid camp. Or his mom buys a lock for the fridge or something. So I am having a party (happy dance?). I'll keep everyone updated on the date.
And now, since I'm tired of talking to myself on aim (its kinda funny actually, because I get mad and try to win arguements with myself) I'm going to go to sleep! whoo hoo!

I miss you guys!!!

So I was just reading all of your awesome and it made me realize how much I missed you guys.
Sophie's totally awesome vidoes,
Joe still managing to pull off being the only guy in the amoeba (and offering us his awesome advice),
Beth posting very long about a guy (that was fun to read),
and Kaiti's random moments to pop in and say something amusing.
I was talking to beth about all those awesome parties we had that seem like so long ago and i got very nostalgic.

I'm like the last one to say this but:

1.) Hanging out with people I love, doing awesome random things
2.) Reading
3.) Listening to music (my addiction)
4.) Writing
5.) Being a fangirl about random things


Some of you may or may not know that I have a bear named Emmett. Well I noticed the other night that I had clawed open Emmett's back. What can I say we are violent. lol. I had him all fixed and got him back today just in time to go camping (hunting as Madison and I are calling it)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and again. a video

My hobbies, in no specific order:

1. reading/writing. like probably every third or so teenage girl in the world.
2. hanging out with my cats
3. being around people I love ( how eccentric ... )
4. making photos and videos
5. eating. preferably something involving chocolate

And yes, I made another video. it's kinda random, but i hope you'll like it... the volume changes a lot, i advise to turn the volume up a bit and just endure the loudness of the parts where I speak directly into the camera. The last half is just random rambling. For Georgeanne.

Links to some of the things discussed in here:

Maureen Johnson's blog

, randomtype things

I spent the week more or less with reading, running around for no particular reason, going on a not-date, shopping and contemplating ways to reach gibson and discuss with him the global situation. I bought a cable for my ipod-player today, so I was able to listen to my "my American music" (aka george's music) for the first time since Boston!! Yay! Also, I just noticed that I was wearing a skirt with a tag still on the entire day.
Tomorrow is my last day of Spanish class. After that I won't have any language classes till school starts in ten days!! Geez. What am I gonna do with all that TIME? Oh, right. My self-imposed reading list.
Miss you all terribly!

btw: I've discovered my love for kafka. Is anybody interested in starting a little kafka - bookclub with me?

ok....its been awhile

well i figure it HAS been awhile since i posted soo...
im kinda looking foreward to school in the fall, i mean, its sad, but i love the busyness and how weekends are special because theyre free and im a nerd so i love learning stuff. and then theres fall, yay!
ok i shall do a top 5:

1. Hanging out with friends/family/madison. Seriously my favorite things to do
2. Play/listen to music. I Lurves music!!!!!
3. Write/draw/think. I like creating, wether its an idea a picture or a poem.
4. Eat. Im a guy ok?
5. Read. its school or not i love reading i can just never seem to find time
6. Hike or walk. yes i do actually like to get out of my house.

theres six. deal with it.

Oh yeah and commenting on what beth said, any time any of you need guy advice of any sort, or need to tell me something or whatever or just want to talk, thats what im here for.

peace out people, i miss you guys



so i keep trying to convince myself to strike up a conversation w/ the cute guy @ the store. something simple, what school does he go 2 n all that. i was alone for 4 hours behind the register yesterday, with barely any customers, n he kept pacing past me trying 2 look like he was doing something. I kept making up my mind 2 start a conversation, but would either come up w/ an excuse not 2 or chicken out @ the last minute. I think he's only heard me speak while A. talking to customers (would u like a bag? would u llike a receipt?) and B. when doing somehting stupid/ slightly embarrassing (dropping my $ all over the store, slamming my finger in the door (which is making typing rather annoying n guitar practice dreaded, btw), and asking him what i should be doing cuz my boss told me 2 follow his lead (previously blogged about). ). Anyway...wondering if I should just give it up. Admit that I'm too chicken 2 say something. haha. I'm sure Joe really appreciates our rants about random guys...tho if he were feeling genorous he could probably give us some advice. being a guy, n all.
to answer kaiti's request...well if theres a side of myself i dont show theres usually a pretty good reason 4 that. n my 5 hobbies...well u probably know that stuff

1. reading
2. writing
3. talking 2 random foreigners
4. listening 2/ playing music
5. schoolwork. not a hobby really, but im pathetic enough 2 have 2 include a nerd through n through

one more thing before i leave off 2 today...Ma suggested a possible end-of-summer party that I would be allowed to hold at my house. im thinking about planning this. I'll need everyones work/vacation schedules to know when to try 2 get a time everyone can get back 2 me bout that. it'll probably be after everyone gets back from vacations...

Alas Earwax?

I am typing this before work. Ew. I hate getting up. But whatever. It seems I am the only one who posted their five things since I made it up. I would really like it if you guys would too.

Yoga yoga yoga....what to do about yoga. I will be there if I am not sleeping on the floor somewhere. So call me before hand to wake me up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's New?

I haven't posted in a while. But everyone else has i see.
What have I been up to? Absolutely nothing lately. Working and reading mainly. I only have one book left to read for school so i don't have to panic anymore. yay
And at this exact moment I am listening to the new Jonas Brothers CD! *fangirl squeal* Their song Lovebug is adorable. Lauren, we definitely need to go see them if they come back to South Jersey sometime!
There are two places I need to go sometime soon:
1. Movies. There are a bunch of movies i want to see including Mamma Mia, Dark Knight, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and (on the 20th or after) The Rocker.
2. Mall. I still have no school clothes. Plus, I just have a mall urge.

So if anyone could help me out by accompanying me to either of those places, let me know.

Oh, and I still don't have a personnal blog. I don't know what to make the title or URL. Suggestions for either welcome. I seem to have issues coming up with things to describe myself...

I know.

I have been posting a lot but whatever I like to post.

Today I went out with my dad. We had a great time but in the end I ended up coming home with a cactus. For those of you who don't know cacti are very popular on the youtube. There is Claudio McAwesome and Gladys and Kristina and Brittney's cacti too. (they have yet to say there names) I am asking you guys to help me pick a name. So leave name suggestions in the comments.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Layout....

On my personal blog. It's breaking dawned. lol. check it out and tell me what you think. I liked it.


Okay I understand that I am the only one who has ever watching Doctor Who on this blog but I love this song and I love this guy. Alex, Wendsday from the fiveawesomeguys also know as Nerimon on youtube started a whole new genre of music. Trock, Timelord Rock. Makes me Happy.

Don't forget Charlieissocoollike has a Trock song too Kaiti, silly.

FAQ for BD

Q: What was the difference between BD and FD?
A: The basic storyline is the same: B/E get married, Renesmee is born and Jacob imprints on her. However, in BD Jacob is more developed as a result of New Moon and Eclipse, and Leah has a larger role.

Q: How does Edward see himself now? Does he still see himself as a monster?
A: Edward has had a great evolution as a character, he is a pessimist, and his worst fear was that he would change Bella and she would hate him or regret it. That didn't happen, so he has faith in their future now. He's a believer.

Q: What is your favorite B/E moment?
A: The last two pages (Bella letting Edward into her mind) are the culmination of the whole romance. That was the moment when they finally really know each other. New love is fantastic, but love realized is even better.

Q: Will there be outtakes and extras for BD?
A: There are fewer cuts as the series goes along, but she will try to post bits of FD to show how it is both similar and different from BD.

Q: Will she publish her BD spoof, "Breaking Down"? (This was mentioned in the EW article.)
A: Meyer jokes that if she hadn't been touring for "The Host", she would have leaked the spoof... it's the Hamlet ending, where Bella trips and falls off a cliff, Charlie loses his job after getting addicted to Bella's pain meds, and Bella's marriage to Mike ends when he elopes with Erik Yorkie. (I was ROTFLMAO at this point:)

Q: Why didn't we see Bella's pregnancy in Bella's POV?
A: In FD, the pregnancy is in Bella's POV. There is lag time where Bella is stuck in the house, she's missing the action... that section needed an overhaul to be more interesting... Jacob's narration grew on her because he sees everything. It was an "awesome" experience writing Jake... she finally gets to display all of Jacob's snarkiness in his head, and it made the story more action-oriented and moved it along faster.

Q: Do the cover and title of BD have meaning, and what part of BD goes with "My Never" (a Blue October song on the BD playlist)?
A: The cover is for all four books, it shows the progression of Bella from pawn to most powerful player on board, she wanted to show that visually. For the title, FD was too cheesy, she wanted a sense of disaster and a new awakening with problems, so she chose BD. "My Never" goes with page 355 in BD (this is where Jacob believes Bella has died and he and Edward are working over a corpse).

Q: Seeing Edward and other Cullens through Jacob's eyes is fascinating... what other POV's would you like to write BD in?
A: Alice would be a good one. Jacob had to evolve, admit he was wrong about Edward, and it was fascinating to see how B/E looks to to others. Alice would be the other best option because she has a separate adventure from the other Cullens, i.e. going to get Nahuel.

Q: Since Renesmee will live forever, will Jacob live forever?
A: Once the trigger of vampires is gone, Jacob can keep the same age as long as he keeps phasing... both are set up for immortality.

Q: What was the phone conversation between Rosalie and Bella like?
A: Someone Meyer talked to today said she thought Rosalie and Bella were going to run away... Meyer thinks that's cool, but what happened was Bella said "You've heard", and Rosalie is very sullen at this point because she thinks Bella has everything. Then Bella says "you have to help me, help me keep this child alive", and Rosalie's perspective on Bella changed. Rose was ready when Bella and Edward got home.

Q: Is the before car real?
A: No. The real car is the Mercedes Guard, but Meyer invented the Guardian and gave it more missile-proof armor.

Q: Why did Edward call Jacob his son in BD?
A: That was an odd moment for Meyer. Sometimes the character voice is so loud, it takes her off guard. Edward has completely accepted Renesmee's future with Jacob, their happiness is most important to him. It was cheesy but she burst into tears when she heard him say that.

Q: What was going on between Billy and Charlie?
A: Billy thought he would get together with Sue romantically, but then she fell for Charlie, and now Charlie and Billy aren't speaking. (My reaction here is WTF??)

Q: Why did Bella envision a son instead of a daughter?
A: Meyer always knew Renesmee was girl... Bella has issues with herself and couldn't imagine anything more lovely than Edward, so she thought his son was the most beautiful/amazing thing possible. Bella was happily surprised by her daughter.

Q: What happened to Leah?
A: There is a lot of story there... we don't get her much when we leave Jacob's POV... she is Jacob's Beta now and very pleased with that. She is in a better place, but if Meyer goes ahead with Twilight books, Leah would be a story she wants to follow.

Q: Has Gianna been turned into a Volturi?
A: Gianna did not make the cut!! They ATE GIANNA! (My reaction: ROTFLMAO! Also, no wonder it's so hard to get good help!)

Q: Why are Heidi's eyes purple?
A: The color was achieved with blue contacts on red irises.

Q: What made you decide on the pregnancy storyline?
A: In New Moon and Eclipse, with one exception, every moment is heading toward what happened in BD... hints are there. The one exception is the Quileute backstory.. that was written when there was possibility of just three books and she had to come up with an alternate ending in case she couldn't publish BD. (She didn't elaborate on what the ending was.)

Q: How early on did you decide that Jacob would imprint on Nessie?
A: From the very beginning, as soon as Twilight was done and she was writing epilogues.

Q: Have you seen the movie? Are you happy with it?
A: She has seen a rough cut and is thrilled, had to pack to come on tour and could only watch it once... wanted to see it again.

Q: In the end, Bella was the one protecting everyone. Did you know she'd end up strong?
A: She knew Bella would make the difference at the end... when people were talking about Bella being a weak human who needed to be rescued, it was frustrating because she knew Bella was going to end up kicking butt.

Q: Do you feel sad that Bella's perspective is over?
A: She doesn't feel sad yet due to writing MS


Enough Said

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So we went to the Maroon 5 concert last night. Sarah Bareilles did not play Fairy Tale and I was upset. Counting Crows was...interesting. The singer was stumbling around the stage rather drunkenly (but he could balance on one foot while singing fairly well, so not sure if that was the case.) They sounded WAY different than what we know, I wasn't even sure it was the same band till they played "Accidentally in Love" (which I didn't think they would...). We had seats in the very last row, and moved up for the Counting Crows part- right behind a group of what seemed to be very drunk lesbians, during the song Accidentally in Love.... We quickly moved over. Then got kicked back to our original seats by a snobby lady.
Maroon 5 came on and they were INCREDIBLE. Dancing, singing, getting into it...unfortunately that did not last long because some drunked idiots started beating the shit out of each other. Adam Levine made the band walk off stage and said they weren't gonna come back, but the keyboardist stayed and played "I get by with a little help from my friends" until it settled donw (he has a really nice voice too. Im gonna find out his name...) Of course they were in the middle of my favorite song when this all went down...then they came back when the fighting guys were kicked out. They finished the song then Adam gave this speech about how disheartening it is to play music while watching people beat each other up. I was surprised when they played "Wake up Call" and "Harder to Breathe," cuz theyre kinda violent songs...Anyway, after that they were still amazing, but they were a little less enthusiastic. And we didn't even go to the Camden show..
Of course we tried to make a McDonalds run for milkshakes when we came home, but they're only open till midnight (it was like, 20 after) so instead we went to Wawa. That should go on the poll...milkshakes and meatball subs at midnight.
well that was our night...George, feel free to add anything u wish. And lauren, u should really invite the others, Kaity still has no idea about this, ill probably show her when she wakes up tho...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Might have been the last

to finish but I finished in a day.

Why Whales are my enemy

I'm very depressed though, because I went to the auction, and while I was sitting on a camel saddle (I'll explain later) a cute guy comes up. He goes Hi and smiles all nice and cute. And I'm like, "Hi! I'm La-"and then I sneezed. All over him. Of COURSE. And then I ran into an old guy and was talking to him about books for two hours (While still sitting on a camel saddle)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I found the songs!!!

Ok, most of this will only make sense to Joe and Madison, but here goes:

Schizophrenic Psycho is by Puddle of Mudd (earlier I was thinking Pearl Jam, cuz of the "P", but theyre completely different)

"Handlebars" is by the Flobots (sounds vaguely familiar...). Here's a site with the lyrics:

The other song I was trying to think of wasn't by Led Zeppelin, it was Nirvana- "The Man Who Sold the World." Good song. I was way off, though...

That Jovan guy was kinda creeping me out...should I be worried that he now knows where I live?

Joe, sorry I forgot to give you Breaking Dawn...I'm sure you'll get it soon from someone...if u happen to come somewhere that I'm going let me know and I'll bring it.

and now i shall go to sleep cuz ill be cranky enough in the morning without spending all night on the computer....

getting to and returning from Forks.

So Tuesday morning a phone call woke me up. It was the bookstore telling me that Breaking dawn had arrived. Needless to say that I've established a new all-time speed record for getting dressed and to the store. It's a really tiny store but gibson and i have boughtover the past 10 years most of the harry potter books there and on the realease day the owner always opened an hour earlier for us. We were of course always the first to buy the books and I always came dressed up as hermione, so all in all... he knows how excited I get over books. He was very well prepared for me: He handed the book ceremoniously to me and understodd my ghfsutghjghfdohmygodflhhfbreakingdawngf-ness. I returned home and spent the last two days mostly in bed reading. I saved the last chapter for today though and now I'm finally back online, not fearing any spoilers anymore. Yay.
A lot happened this week. I started Spanish. And foot-yoga. Wich apparently I'm good at. Of course I'm good at something like foot-yoga and not at like opera singing or so. Aside from that I've had a lot of trouble with the evil-bunny-brigade. They made tunnels to escape into the garden, so now they're grounded. Gibson helped me a bit, but mostly he was just kind of playing around and marveling unhelpfully at their evilness.
Also, i was thinking about making a new video (or two. or more) but I'm not even sure if anybody watches them, so ... just let me know whether you watch them/ would watch new ones... . It would be really great if you could make videos, too!! (I know, i've been saying that forever now and am probably going on your nerves with it. sorry).
Oh, one last thing: I got my mom to (re)read catcher in the rye and watch john's videos. She likes them!! I recruited her! yes! It's spreading ....
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have been neglecting the blogs. Why do I say blogs. Well that's because yes I had not posted on my blog too. *gasp* I have been to into the books I have been reading (NOT BREAKING DAWN) and other stuff I have not had time to sit down and tell you guys whats up.

I have regained my love for Doctor Who. (Check out my blog post today on my personal blog to kind of find out why. If anyone is in the mood to hang out sometime. I don't know when to watch as much Doctor Who as we can before my Mother yells at me. That would be great. I think we should show each other the side of ourselves we don't normally show. Like how I am a slight Anglophile. Meaning I like many things that come from England and the UK, sometimes maybe even more then I do like things from the US. >.<>

Sorry for this being long and kind of vloggy. I have been watching the Fiveawesomegirls for a while now and just got into the guys. I wish I had my own camera to do my own vlogging but not yet. one day. And if you guys want ot read more about my ramblings and everything I post more often and longer on my personal blog. Link up above but here it is again.

My five Favorite Hobbies.

1. Doctor Who.
2. Harry Potter
3. Studing famous English Authers. Jane Austen and C.S. (Clive Staples) Lewis are my two favorite.
4. Writing
5.Drawling. I am not halfbad I just never really show people outside the family my work.

Sorry again for it being to long. Forgive me. And please don't toss my idea aside.

Monday, August 4, 2008


dunno if im the first, but im the first to say so...haha. i liked it, i suppose...certain parts are angry-making, but still, it seems ok...of course she went and set herself up to be free to write more stories in that world, even if its not about the cullens...haha. but that's all i'll say now for fear of spoiling...even tho i doubt ur gonna read this before u finish, just in case.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

...Fried chicken...

Will never look the same again. Or eggs. Which is what Ma offered to me for dinner the night of August 2nd. And the morning of august 3rd. And what the turkish girl offered to make me the morning i spend at her house...ugh.
Anyhoo...SINCE WHEN DOES A CULLEN SAY ANYHOO???? sry, that minor little thing got me theres not enough to be mad about already. but i'll let that go, for anyone who is lagging on the BD department for whatever reason. like working all week. ugh, i would probably be finished by now if it weren't for that...
ugh, and of course the day i go into work completely sleep deprived (going on 3 hours sleep, a catnap and caffeine is not very healthy for the mind) i am told they dont need me at the cashier and i should follow around and help bryan. tall, skinny, long floppy dark hair, my age, wore a fluorescent yellow shirt with my name on it (bethany beach), adorable bryan. ugh...he told me his job was a "one man's job." then he disappeared. I dont think he hates me completely, tho, he knew i felt awkward and mad at charlie (boss charlie, not charlie swan, i know where ur head will be now) even if he didnt know i was running on 3 hours sleep. more thing. My phone's screen went completely black last night and wont come back, except when its completely white. so i got a new phone. i have da same #, but since i lost my screen in my old one (and no it isnt just turned off, i can tel these things) i cant reach my contacts list. so i need al ur #s. or i need one of ur phones 2 get all ur #s off ur contact list.
ok, im gonna go shower n read now n probably wont resurface till ma tells me 2 go 2 sleep so i can get up 4 swim tomorrow. my goal is to finish the book 2morrow morning when i have time 2 myself b4 work...wish me luck! haha.

Friday, August 1, 2008

You all know what i'm gonna write about agust 1st...

As I write this, the release of Breaking Dawn is less than 4 hours away. this feels very epic. I reserved a copy yesterday - but it's going to come out even later than agust 4th! Not fair. when I went to reserve it, I got to order the bookstore guy even more copies!! Which fits perfectly into my current project (working title:"Spreading the Awesome") . I don't know how you think about it, but I got very scared by the Qoutes of the Day. But today's quote really sums up how i feel about the twilight series ending just one year after Harry Potter did : Should we be afraid? Terrified.
Today was the last day of French School! Weee! That means of course: I'm starting Spanish next Monday.
After another week of green-partying, there are some very very disturbing things going on. At the last meeting - it wasn't even a real meeting, we were just preparing some props for a demonstration- this random guy walked who nobody knew. We have new people all the time, which is awesome, but this guy was one of the most annoying people I've met in a really long time. He got on everyone's nerves immediately. But the very worst thing about it? He went to my boarding school. And he told me about it for hours. and hours. and hours. Now I'm really scared - what if they are all like that? I have to live with these people!! then I started reading Nietzsche (very famous philosopher, do u know him ?) who went to my school, too. more than a century ago. but still. Reading his books was maybe even more disturbing than meeting that jerk. It's a close head-to-head.
Have fun tonight!!! oh, one thing - I'm not gonna go on the blog till I get my book, but please, you know, dont write anything spoiler-ish in your msn/facebook/myspace - thingies. Not that you would, but just making sure. It would be kind of depressing if i opened facebook and something like : "Oh my god, I can't believe Bella ran away with Mike Newton and Jake turned gay when he saw Edward in a tux!!" it would kind of spoil the reading....

Again: Have fun tonight! And take paperbags with you, in case you start hyperventilating. And don't kill the bookstore person. And don't forget to breathe, once you get the book in your hands. That would kind of cut the reading experience short.



I want it soo bad!