Saturday, June 28, 2008

Check it out!

So I've been doing some Twilight-obsessing. Here's what I found:
News and info about the series (though i do have to say, this site is showing up a bit late considering the series is about to end).
Also, the people who made the website have a podcast (again it's showing up late). It's called Imprint. I subscribed to it on Itunes (though it takes a while to load). They obsess more than we do! ;-)
Just thought I'd mention that in case you wanted to listen to other nerds talking about Twilight...

;-) George

Sophie's email

hi!! I just wanted to let you know that - against all expectations -I'm still alive. Thanks so much for being with me Sunday night, itreally meant a lot to me. I've carried the jeans and the bag to everyplace I went so far. The first stop was Lancaster county. We ended upon a very typical non-Amish farm bed&breakfast. The people werefreakishly nice, the food awesome (and plenty), the view beautiful,and THEY HAD A NEWBORN KITTEN!!!! Plus a cute puppy. On the secondnight, I was watching the sunset on a field, the kitten came to playwith me and then curled up in my lap to sleep. For a very long time. Avery VERY long time. So I didn't get to bed until midnight. But it wasextremely adorable. It is very fascinating to see how the Amishpeople live harmonically alongside 21st century American society. Theyliterally work together with their non-Amish neighbors: our maid andwaitress were both Amish and many amish hire outsiders for "sinful"works like driving a truck. They are really friendly and open andthey all seem like very happy people, compared with their"mainstream-Christian" neighbors. Some offer to have visitors come fordinner,and we tried to do that - it turned out they only do it onThursdays and Fridays- so that way we got to talk to a couple. ISpoke german with an Amish girl! It was slightly weird, sincw theyspeak a southern sialwct that has been handed down for centuries, butwe were able to understand each other. Amish teenagers are allowed alot more freedoms than adults, like driving cars and stuff so thatthey can decide whether or not they want to get baptized and join theAmish community. Every 10th teenager leaves and that seems to beperfectly ok with everybody, which I think is one of the coolestthings about the Amish. So I kept looking for an Amish guy drivingaround in his, but I couldn't find one. Yesterday we went toHartford ( gilmore girls!! ) and visited the mark twain house, whichwas really fun . Then we went to concord, Massachusetts, where we areright now. It's so pretty! And so many amazing people lived here! Iwent to the northe bridge today, where the first shot of therevolution was fired, the one that was " heard around the world", andbefriended some military girl. Right next to that, and I mean RIGHTnext to that is the emerson house where nathaniel Hawthorne & co liveda while. The only other family in our tour group was german ( andincluded two teenage boys. Leave it to me to find the probably onlyguys of my age and nationality in the whole state). The tour wasabsolutely amazing and I ended up discussing with the tour guideHawthorne's hotness and thoreau's adorable-ness ( how can you not lovea man whose last words were "moose" and "Indian"?). Tomorrow we aregonna go to the "sleepy hollow cemetery" which I wanted tovisit evenbefore I knew that half of America's famous writers are buried there,just cause I'm obsessed with cemeteries. And Washington irving. Andjohnny depp. Plus Im really excited to see walden pond tomorrow!!!So yea, thats pretty much what I've done so far. Toldya i wouldspam you. I have ( sporadic) access to internet, by the way - incase u haven't noticed. Lots of love from Concord, sophie

Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, firstly, that contest would be awesome but (and i have to be a pessimist here) none of us are going to win it and if one of us did, it would suck big time anyway because they would have to chose someone to take with them. Personally, if two of my best friends went to this thing without me, i would hate them with a passion for the rest of my life. And I'm the one who likes Blue October. Just throwing my opinion out there about that.

Secondly, it REALLY sucks that no one can hang out with me. I have one week left before work starts. Then I'll be seeing you guys even less. It's depressing.

Thirdly, is anyone going to the next DIV concert??? I mean, cuz Beth and Madison aren't. I really want to go but if no one else is...

Sorry if I sound mean. I'm just not so happy at the moment.


I'm actually surprised I was the first to pick up on this...geez, how bored have i been?

i suggest we all enter...ur allowed 2 send one entry per day, i think (yes, i did actually read all the rules.)

for those of u too lazy to go to the link...the twilight concert series sold out. buuut....they're gonna randomly pick 2 sweepstakes winners to go to the new york show, airfare, hotel and transport paid, and theyre gonna be able to MEET stephenie meyer winner gets 3 tickets, one for her, one for her parent, one for a guest. (im saying her for, well, obvious reasons.)

i wanna go...and if any of u win, do i get the third ticket since i pointed it out to u? pretty please????? with a cherry on top?? hehe...

anyway, about hanging busy most of the weekend, i think, ill probably have 2 work mornings, at least thats what i asked for since i have a party to go to saturday night and a coffee house thing sunday night. which is open to the public, should any of u want to come. its at the lighthouse church, the one with joe's other youth group...adele got me to help out there, bring food and help set up and stuff...and u know ive been living around my work schedule lately, which i still dont have cuz charlies a bit late getting back to me, i may have to call him even tho i htink he gets annoyed when i do...w/e. 4th of july weekend may be a problem for me too, for the same reasons, and im still looking to go to the army of freshmen concert with someone but unfortunately its the same night as the DIV concert. :-(. idk...


I like the plan about hanging out, but I'm working this weekend. Also stating that I'm sorry Kaiti I can't take off work for your birthday party, which is on Sunday right, because it is 4th of July weekend which is on of the busiest. Sorry. Also so you guys know I'm not going to AD on the 5th because of work , which is killing me. Also I will be away on Monday. JOE COMES HOME ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that means to expect me to be over there most of next week. Sorry guys but come on now, serious withdrawl from Joe for over 3 weeks.

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So obviously today didn't work out for one reason or another. But we should hang out tomorrow or over the weekend or something. Let me know please guys. I'm bored!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Everybody come to my house tommorow if you can. Call me we have something to work on. (you know what too!) So please give me a call or text if you can.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I havent posted alot and I think its time I owed you guys a post.

Im leaving the Amoeba and getting new friends. I thought about this alot and I believe thats what I must do because I feel I have been pushed away for what I am. Im sorry that im doing this and im sorry that I feel this way. I will miss you guys alot but I think this is better for me. 


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am not gonna lie: I'm panicking. My parents are arriving thursday night and I'm pretty sure i'm expected to spend some time with them - after not seeing them for a year and stuff. And Monday I'm already it. And that's it. I have no idea when/ if I'm ever gonna see you guys in person again. So that's why I'm panicking. Here's what I propose: Beach on Thursday. I havent been to the beach so far and I really want to. Plus it's pretty uncomplicated aka we arent going on any parents' nerves. Please let me know what you think about that as soon as posible. It would be graetly appreciated. I wanna see you one last time and say goodbye

Love, Sophs

Monday, June 16, 2008


I just found out that there is a CCA reunion thing at AD this Thursday. I can't wait. I miss all my CCA friends.

I hope my mom will let me go because Ray Ray and Burket and I were talking about how awesome it will be.


First of all: WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED AMOEBA TIME!!! It's like an addiction, I MUST have it...
Secondly: School was awesome today. I got people's phone numbers and hugs. And a pirate duck named Jeff, but that's another story. Thanks so much for convincing me to go, guys!
Thirdly: AMOEBA TIME!!!

I'm going to soak up some sun now...
Later! Love!

P.S. Did i mention...

Amoeba time?

Happy official last day of school !!
My parents left Berlin this morning and are gonna be here Thursday/Friday, so... could we maybe have some Amoeba time before that? Tht would be really really great!
Love, Sophs

Friday, June 13, 2008


When I am having a bad day. (turned out to be a bad week) I always just look at this picture and laugh. Lauren and I do this all the time with our own hair. (and most of you know why this week has been bad.)


That is all I wanted to say.

Monday, June 9, 2008

yearbook n other end of year crap

so i got my yearbook from school 2day...ex-middleites may wanna c it, they have pics from last years play n stuff...i saved the corny autographs page for the amoeba, so im gonna get u all 2 sign it. i may bring it 2 the park later, if it cools down, or may have soph bring it if it dont...ew, they made us have a field day 2day, it suuuuucked. for obvious reasons related to weather. and do physical activities. and when we were down i hung out w/ a crazy asian guy 4 an hour or so...yea, that was my day. god, i feel bad 4 da firnhabers down south...thoughts of snow and other coldness being sent telepathically to u, joe! well, i graduate 2morrow n am surprisingly not freaked out...tho im sure ill feel awkward in my gold dress n makeup in school 2morrow. hope my makeup dont melt, i dont wear it often enuf 2 deal w/ stuff like that...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

scared of crocodiles

So the towing on friday was really really fun. My legs look now like somebody massacred blueberries on them, but that's okay. It was totally worth it - although I was pretty scared in the beginning: I had to hold Madison's hand... thx for that, madison. And thx Joe and Joe's dad for taking us!
Yesterday I did some hardcore packing - the closet is now half empty and so are all the drawers... I have tons of clothes to give away, so if anybody wants to come over one day after school and look through them, you're more than welcome. It feels very weird though, to already have a full suitcase in our room. It creeps me out. I even have the number of pyjamas counted up that I'll need before I get home (4) and the rest is already packed up. Aaaaaaargh! it all goes way too fast now. My parents are gonna be here in only 11 days!! I really wanna spend as much time as humanly possible with you people , before I leave. so be warned: I'm determined to stalk you. All of you. What about doing something next week, for example? Like going to the beach or something like that?

The other exchange students are starting to panic too, I think. We had an exchange student party yesterday at CJ's house and it was a lot of fun and very interesting as always, to hang out with awesome people from 5 different countries and 3 continents. Would I have been aware earlier of this being one of our last weekends here, I would have gone with all of you to Great Adventure, but well, as we all know, I'm a little slow. I was so worried about you guys though!! And what you told me afterwards scared the crap out of me! I everbody ok now?

Love from a concerned Soph

Friday, June 6, 2008

Je Suis La Chat Noire

This post has nothing what-so-ever to do with black cats, or I being one myself. Isnt that crazy?

Well Anyways. First night of the dance recital went fine I believe. My feet hurt, and I cant wait till tomorrow becauseeee;

1. Its the last night of the show
2. Mrs. Stina's house follows at like 11pm-4-5am or ever later than that in the morning.

And now I leave you. With the cutest picture ever. Or a couple.

Im gone! ugh

Well starting sunday at who knows what ungodly hour in the morning (probably a few after we get back from 6 flags), my family and i are leaving for kentucky(i dont feel like using spell check sorry).
Please do me a favor and don't kill Madison while im gone. Ive already asked her not to annoy you guys any more than necessary, but i dont know. apparently shes getting flashbacks from last summer with Joie. which saddens me because i get sad when she does. ah well. but yes back to subject. Um, we will be going to like, all of our relatives houses in TN KY and MS and i am so looking forward to the heat (not). if i come back as a piece of jerky or a raisin, then please just dont eat me. i hope a few relatives have computers that work (so i can use facebook/myspace to keep in touch) cuz theyre all really old and dont seem to like computers anyway.
beth and soph are coming towing on the boat cause its the last time i will see her (sophie) until dad james and i take a trip to germany (tenetive plan for next summer).
anywhey, ill talk whenever, call me if you have my number and are bored cuz you know il be soooo busy talking to old people in 10000000000 degree weather.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cheeseburger in Paradise Fair

so apparently the Middle schools r having this fair thing in september or something, sounds similar 2 the 4-H fair but with the teachers in the dunk tank and whatnot...wondered if any of the previously Middlers would wanna go. Its free admission, but if u wanna buy a food ticket (theyre selling cheeseburgers n stuff), then u either have 2 by the 15th (not sure if the flyer said june or july, but i still have da flyer), or its more expensive afterwards, not sure which...o well, lemme know if ur interested n all...o, and if anyone wants 2 come 2 my school in the last week i would recommend making plans now and getting a visiters pass from Haines or whoever in the very near future (like, tomorrow after school). they will want notice, or u wont have a chance at getting in...just if u still wanna. last day or something...idk.
and in case u hadnt noticed, i stopped freaking out...i think i can manage saturday night. tho hopefully ma wont bring anything up, cuz im a crappy liar, and i dont intend 2 tell her...


why the hell did i think the 6 flags trip got back at 9pm???? i have work in the morning! and its my thrid freakin day!!!! and we get back at ONE FREAKIN AM!!!!!! ehhhh.....Ma Cannot Know. if i sleep over g's...which she may or may not let me do...i think ill be able 2 get up, if i set an alarm...eehh...maybe if i get a cold shower ill be awake enuf...eehh...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mourning and Hello!

According to Kaiti, Robert has asked Kristen Stewart to marry him four times...I am officially mourning.

But I have my computer back! I'm aliiiiive (without the frankenstein-ness) and I have waaaay more good news: