Saturday, May 31, 2008


hey tiiiiiirrrrreeddd.....and ssooooorrrrreee...adams bed is not comfy. i woke up 3 or 4 times last night thinkin it was almost time 2 get up...of course, the fish tank light probably wasnt helping...i kinda felt bad about skipping out on da party in my room...did i miss much? i heard u guys were loud, tho i was asleep 4 that today wasnt great. dont really like the people there...the girl i was workin the register w/ was complaining about the boss the whole time, that they blamed stuff on her and made it stressful...then she kept blaming stff on me and making the register stressful...which i realized was, in fact, her fault after the deli girl had me doing stuff for her, then took over the register and had me ring up ppl's orders (the first girl, Fay, only let me watch n bag.) then fay told this random contractor guy that she had to ask the name of (it was carter) my name, age, and the fact that i live here year-round. he was creepy. i was mad. the boss is a lil (very) patronizing, whichi is one type of person i CANNOT stand (which is why chef davis @ ur school is afraid of me). but i gotta put up w/ it cuz shes paying me. so...that was my day at work...and i think im gonna fall over asleep at some point today...but ill survive.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does Anyone Need a Copy of Eclipse?!

I will soon have 3 hardback copies of Eclipse.
Lauren's picking up a copy of the special edition for me at the moment.
I plan on giving my most used copy away...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look who's back on the blog!

Hey guys! I know i like never post so i just wanted to make a quick post.
This blog seems very absent of George. I never have anything to say. and i just soo prefer just talking to you guys in person (or over the phone or text message, u know).
Two quick things:
Lauren and Kaity, I don't think I'll ever forgive you for going to see Prince Caspian without me. that was cruel.
Joe, if you haven't noticed, we all post random, pointless things but somehow we all read each other's stuff. Wow, that made absolutely no sense. Let's try again... What i meant was, if u post, we'll read it cuz we all want to hear from you. thats what this blog is all about. keeping in touch. if for some crazy reason we don't see each other for more than a week (*gasp*) we can just report to the blog! ;-)

Oh, and one more thing!
Today is Katie's bithday (i dont think any of you know her that well, she's in history with me and madison) and she got a stuffed giraffe from her friend as a present. me and madison nicknamed it Sophie. Katie: "But it's a guy!" Me and madison: "So? We have a male puffin named Sophie!"

I think that's all for the moment...

Wait! no!
Lauren's personal blog is awesome!

Ok, now I'm finished! ;-)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


What are you guys talking about with Breaking Dawn? Am I missing something? Has Stephenie Meyer posted the first chapter or what? You guys know i need to know. I'm home all day by myself. I love you guys.

Madison the Vampire


hey guys our boat is now fully operational (well we havent given it a test drive yet, but that will happen soon) as of this morning and we are open for towing people.  soph you definitely have to try before you head back to germany, you may never again get a chance to swim in a swamp :P
but anyways, lauen says (alot, might i add) that her jetskis will be useable this sumer and that she can tow people around as well.  A massive water-day would be fun, boat+jetskis, but it might be just a bit to hard to co-ordinate, so nvm.
in response to a few other posts about breaking dawn, what i am most interested in is what book/poem/concept the author will choose to base the book around this time.  im sure the book will be good and all that, but i just wonder what the theme will be.

oh just one more thing i must bore you with, you guys need to all lighten up (all of you) if you aren't invited to something, or one person forgot to come and thats 'mean', or well these people are being cranky, or this person is being better friends with this person rather than me, etc.  Thats life people.  Friends change, but if they are your friends, they'll stick up for you in the end.  Sorry i needed to say that.



It's illegal to post the preface you know. Because I got it from a bookstore employee that recieved their shipment of eclipse special editions early. But don't post illegal stuff...I would be held responsible, because i'm the blog admin. And I dont like

Saturday, May 24, 2008

BD preface, for those who havent seen it yet

urgh...u should have warned me it was illegal! like i said, i doubted the authenticity...o well. i deleted it, right? sorry. dont wanna have to bail u out of jail, now, would i? or juvee, w/e. how did u get it from the book store emloyee? do u have contacts we dont know about?! well, since u related to almost everyone in the county, that would be highly likely, i suppose...


Wow it's been a while. *hugs the blog* I missed you!

I am back it's been a while but that's becasue my computer was rejecting the blog. It would freeze whenever I logged on here. But it's all fixed.

Okay I have noticed Beth's post, WTH are oyu talking about with Bella and Edward Iam scared and confused. I need to know! Please fill me in.

Another point and nobody get mad at me for this one. I went and saw Narnia monday with my while family. I didn't want to tell anyone because it was family only. (minus my dad he was not feeling well)

Stuff from Sophie

I went kanoeing!! And got soaking wet! On one of the coldest May days in history! Woo! So much fun. A couple ogf guys dressed up and built little clans as (singing) pirates, vikings, soldiers and Indians. And each clan tried to flip as many boats as possible. Fun times.
anyway. I decided that Peter is handsomer than Prince Caspian. I guess I just go more for the short blond hair than the long dark. And it's all about the hair. I just reasearched the movie in my obsessive-stalker nature and guess what: Ben Barnes aka Prince Caspian actually DID model his Spanish accent after ... Inigo Montoya!!
Lauren you are my hero! but I disagree with Beth's interpretation. If Edward tried to turn her and lost control she would be dead before she could even notice it. And Edward killing Bella would also majorily suck as an ending. Of course it could still be Edward she's talking about - just in a different context. But there is still another guy she loves and who has some pretty good reasons to be angry. and who genetically would be her arch-enemy after she's turned....

We should do something this weekend. Seriously. we haven't done anything for the past two weeks and some people I haven't seen in ages.
Love, Sophs

meh...breaking dawn...

just got ur email, lauren, me n soph both read it...meeeeehhh...u know what im thinking, is that he tries to change her but runs into, em, issues...neeeh! (since true friends can read urghs, u should know what i mean by that)
so i had that civil war reenactment yesterday at school (which for those of u who dont know is really just a humongous water balloon fight between the 7th and 8th graders that get us out of classes for a day). we won (duh, being against 7th graders). and i was all well and happy and into it, and was gonna take the flag home (cuz i was the one carrying it all day) but then a girl came up and grabbed it from me and pretty much pissed me off for the rest of the day. until we went to the movies of course. saw prince caspian.
you are a mouse!
hehe, i had to. anyway...yea, then i lost my job, cuz ppl came back from last year, so i gotta find a new one again, im thinking ritas maybe...
and tonight me and sophie are home alone cuz the rest r going fishing until 3 am. and apparently the 22nd of may is a holiday in brasil...confuzzled...o well. ttyl.

Friday, May 23, 2008

well i suppose i would feel alone

if i wasnt used to talking/hanging out with you guys.
still it is a bit odd to be like, the only guy in the crowd i guess  oh anyway..
if you didnt realize it, this is me, joe, and yes i did finally get that stupid google account thing to work.  it must have been my computer.  o well.
i will be posting on here periodically, now that i actually have time *gasp* to relax and do what i like to do (play music, write, draw) instead of school and essays ick.
anyway yeah im not exactly sure what to write because i dont think anyone really wanted to read a paragraph about me wondering what to write about because no-one told me if they wanted to hear what i have to say or not (which if youve gotten this far you are, in fact, reading that precise paragraph).

peace out people,


I've made a personal blog. Since the book of awesome is not a journal. And cannot be a journal, because we have pictures of the yeti in them. Therefore they are sacred....

So check it out. I'll give you some cheese.

Friday, May 16, 2008


For those of u who don't already know, i have succumbed. i now have a facebook. however im not under my real name, i set my last name as smith...just in case i missed adding ppl, or if they didnt realize it was me who friended them or w/e...
i went 2 washington dc the other day. it sucked, 4 the most part. boring tours that were not worth getting up at 2:30 am for. and a couple museums, and losing my group a couple times...couple people in my group were pretty decent, which sorta surrpised me, n i was hanging out w/ a couple in gym yesterday...think they might be goin 2 tech, 2...idk.
gonna start having a panic attack again, end of school year stuff...just for future reference...
y do the teachers ALWAYS give u the most schoolwork in May? ive done so many projects this week, and were startin a research paper (btw, any interesting ideas for that? wanna do something random n make my teacher regret giving us free choice ;-) ) of course the way it is with projects with me, usually we work in a group and i end up doing all the work....urgh....
and u guys r gonna ditch us for the weekend :-(. we might come visit said theres this really good store a couple blocks from the boardwalk, think u guys would be allowed 2 ditch ur group for a little bit and check it out? just wondering...
i think i'll go now. ive talked enuf.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freddie Freaking Mercury

Is Amazing, before I had to write this report I already really knew alot about him, but now I know so much more, its crazy.

For all people who dont know who Freddie Mercury is, he was the lead singer of Queen that died of AIDS 1 day after telling the world he was diagnosed with the STD.

His story is very happy, yet very sad. It makes me sad.

He is one of my heros

Monday, May 12, 2008


I talked to joe's mom for like an hour and a half. It was amazing. She actually loves me too. I'm so happy and I found out tons. We agree on a lot of things. I love you guys.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

from Beth

taking a lil break from the book ;-). of course it probably won't last much longer, it's already lasted long enough for me to finish my science project and check email (which i rarely have ANY of, thank u very much.) i just remembered that Ma suggested we have a
ok, my comp was just being COMPLETELY spastic n restarted itself with no reason or instruction...w/e.
anyway...Ma said we should have a party here w/ the group Memorial Day weekend. we're gonna have a lot of stuff going on after that, with graduation and Sophie's parents n stuff, so she said its probably gonna be one of the last chances we have of getting together like that here b4 the end of the school if anyone says yay or neigh...
the book is getting fairly positive im the only one in my blood family, and one of the few in my school, that could appreciate whats going on in it...some of u might not even like it, despite its meyer-ness. but i wont say any more, for fear of giving it away...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Being over Pawls house

Is fun.

Especially when you like his mom so much you would start dancing with her out of randomness

Thats just cause im cool like that.


Btw im writing my own book

Movies that are fun to make a guy (well, Joe) watch

by George, Beth and Sophie

1. Enchanted

2.Brokeback Mountain

3. Snow-white

4. Barbie cartoon

5. Hairspray

We also tried to make a list of the hottest fictional characters, but we could only agree on number one. And now take a wild guess who that might be....
I suggest people post their individual list... or our admin ( I mean you, Lauren) could make it a poll or something,

Love , the bored German Girl

Good News (i think at least ;-) )

I bought The Host! it was $27. more than i like 2 pay, but for a Steph Meyer book im willing ;-). i already started it, its pretty good, kinda schizo but in an interesting way ;-). ill probably be done by wednesday, at least, and ill have Soph bring it to youth group so u can all fight over it. (no damage may be done to the book in the process. or damage to sophie. or each other. no damage may be done! got that? remember the moral- do not piss off beth. or lauren.) i cant go to youth group myself, i have a field trip that ill be out of state. and u have 2 decide this for urself.
and thats all i have to say on the subject, because i am completely and utterly distracted by the eye that is staring at me from the book on my lap...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Random late night thought

A guy just told me he thinks it is cute when I say RAWR. He had never heard someone say that in a conversation before. I had to explain what it meant. But I thought it was cute that he thought it was cute.


I am sick. And it sucks big time. Big big time. I am feeling so lack of energy at this point. Gr. I don't think that I am going to be doing much this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

we tried to post over my iPod from youthgroup but we can't fill in anything but the that's it. We are awesome.thats all we wanted to say


so i won this award thingy in my school, the one thats the top two 8th grade students in the school, pretty much. the other kid is kent, who ive known since they have this dinner thingy at this semi-nice restaurant for the students who got this thingy in the county. and im going to that tonight. and ma made this big deal out of wearing a nice outfit. so i bought a red skirt, and this scoop-neck black top with rhinestones on the sleeves. only the heart monitor thing must have cut off the circulation in my skin, in addition to leaving sicky stuff on my skin that made the fuzzys from my clothes stick. and not come off. even after a half hour shower. and two of the electrodes were on my collarbone. longer want to wear the scoop neck shirt. only the alternative is a halter. :-(. or a school shirt. i may have to go with that...
and u know wats really not a good idea? comparing a bunch of wires hooked up to u to an emaciated octopus with 5 arms. i almost gave myself a panic attack with the visual during my math test today...
rant over.
u guys have too much fun on wednesdays without us. ur never here to talk to...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From Beth

So i finished the marked book today. it was alright. kinda like the vampire version of gossip girl. i see y george didnt like it. not the best writing. but i still think its a decent story. want the next!
tryin 2 think of an inspirational song i can write an essay about. any ideas? im thinkin "how to save a life".
talkin to lauren now...sry if i seem distracted...she got a new cell phone...and saw spiders in the woods...and sold scrap soda cans...
u know whats really, really awkward and uncomfortable? having a bunch of electrodes stuck to u for 24 hours. because of my weird blood test they wanted to strap a heart monitor to me for a day. its itchy. i couldnt take a real shower tonight. i probably smell. and its really hard to make sure the thing stays on so i dont have 2 go another 24 hours to makeup for it...urgh...i feel like a hypocondriac or something.
totally distracted by the phone...g2g, ttyl

The Bay

Was amazing.

So I went with Miranda right, and we saw some people who go to Maxines bus stop right. So we decided to make a circle around us, kneel down, and do a little 'Nature Tribal Chant/Dance/Tae Bo'

We were doing this and they came around and the little girl was holding a shell right and I said.

"yes" -Little girl
"no way!"

And then the ladies figured out who I was I yelled "DONT TELL MY MOMMY" twice and they just looked at me like I was on drugs.

And then we did a water dance.


Monday, May 5, 2008


does anyone realize how ANNOYING it is to have an ancient cat that believes whenever you are typing, reading, playing piano or doing anything with ur hands, it should be being petted at that time? just a little fyi, if u eva use my comp...
anyway. so after the sleepover i lost my hat. i thought it was in my bag, but i didnt have it when i got back. if anyone knows anything, pls tell. i love that hat ;-). o, and does anyone know how the marked book ended up in my house? me n soph dont, were thinking maybe one of u gave 2 adam 2 give 2 us? he aint home now...and if its any of urs, sry but the cover got a bit bent up and squashed under sophies ginormous duffle bag/ bookbag. i started readin it, pretty good so far i guess...sry george...still in the beginning tho. when she first meets the goddess nyx.
i think i was going to say something else, but all i can think of is that my school totally sucks...theres absolutely no one to talk to anymore. started making funny faces at 7th graders 2day...hehe, they just laughed at me. eh, w/e.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Week = Awesome!!!

This has been one of the most amazing and amoeba-tastic weeks I've had in quite a while!
Wendesday (it's always my favorite day of the week)
Switchfoot (*squeal*)
Being groupies at A.D. for DIV!

We seriously need to have weeks like this more often...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Is mah stalker =D

And I like him very mucho. Aha jk. I dont know him. And I dont like him like that. Aha. Anyways I just got of the shower and guess what. Pauls coming tonight and he plans to be very social. I had a talk with him and he said "Okay, im sorry April, i'll be more social" and I was like "OMGOSH YAY"

I think I broke his shell ;D



I'm Baaaaaaack!

So grab the children, prepare for mass hysteria, etc. But I didn't get my computer back exactly, I stole it from under my mom's bed. shhhh

But I'm very excited that we have a fan for our little amoeba blog! Stickboy, you rock (In a semi-creepy but still awesome way).

I want some pickles, so I'll post something elese later...


Friday, May 2, 2008


OMG GEORGE YOU TOUCH HIM. Last night was amazing. I still can't believe how awesome it was. I am still on a hyper high from it. Everybody I think will agree that it was great. Beyond great, it was spectacular spectacular. And I agree with all that think that duck tape and a car would be perfect to kidnap Switchfoot.

I wrote a song on the car ride home. I was a little out of it for those who didn't know that.

"Catch a falling Switchfoot and put it in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day....."

Lauren changed it to

"Catch a falling Switchfoot and stick it in your closet...."

I think both are awesome. And Luna Halo was amazing too. I wish I was one of the people with the scissors that MUST cut their pants off them after the show. I want to hug all of them.

We were meant to live for so much more!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good News

Danny K is moving exactly one block away from me